Herbal Remedies for Infections

Chronic infections are often encouraged by an immune weakness or acid-alkaline imbalance. Acute infections can happen because of poor hygiene, weakened immunity, or exposure to particularly strong pathogenic agents.

Herbs to stimulate the immune system are often used to treat infections. Antibacterial and antiparasitic herbs can also help. When the infection is severe, and waste by-products and bacterial toxins are stressing the immune system, blood purifiers and antitoxin herbs are appropriate.

Herbs Used To Treat Infections

Herb Treatment Support Application
Andrographis antibacterial capsule, tincture, tea
Cajeput antibacterial essential oil
Echinacea immune stimulant tincture, tablet, capsule
Garlic antibiotic capsule, fresh cloves
Oregano, wild immune stimulant essential oil
Pau d'arco antibacterial tea, tincture
Tea Tree antibacterial essential oil
Yerba Mansa immune stimulant tincture
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