Qi Gong Tui Na Massage

Qi Gong, or energy work, is a significant part of every Oriental Medicine practice. This includes Chinese Medicine’s physical manipulation art called Tui Na. Qi Gong Tui Na uses the internal energy of the practitioner guided through developed techniques to deeply affect the patient for enhanced healing.

What is Tui Na?

Tui Na, literally translates as pushing and grasping, has been developed over the last 3000 years in China. Many modern styles of massage and manipulation are based on the techniques of Tui Na.

Tui Na covers various categories of treatment techniques:

  • Soft Tissue Manipulation: used for joint injuries and muscle sprains
  • Acupressure: finger pressure on acupuncture points for internal disorders
  • Bone Setting: Traditional Chinese Orthopedics for joint alignment
  • Nei Gong: Internal Qi development to activate the patient’s Qi for healing

How is it different from other massage?

Qi Gong Tui Na is more than the hundreds of physical techniques that adjust the muscles, bones, and joints. Qi Gong Tui Na practitioners enhance their healing abilities by practicing various forms of Qi Gong exercises. These Qi Gong exercises increase their ability focus, control, and emit their body’s energy. In addition, the Qi Gong exercises also increase the practitioner’s sensitivity to feeling disturbances in your body’s Qi. Combined, these skills allow the practitioner to feel, diagnose, and heal injuries and energetic imbalances in the patient. Similar to the practice of acupuncture, Qi Gong Tui Na can alter the flow of Qi in your body.

Traditionally, Qi Gong Tui Na was passed down from teacher to apprentice by Qi Gong masters who were often also martial artists. The internal development of Qi required years of training to reach the necessary level to effectively emit Qi and heal the body. In addition, the breadth of techniques required the building of internal strength to perform such tasks as bone setting. Now, it is formally taught in Traditional Chinese Medical schools along with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Some of the more esoteric training methods have been lost in the standardization of schooling that occurred with the Communist revolution in China.

How does it work?

In Oriental Medicine, all disease is caused by an imbalance in the flow of Qi in the body. This imbalance or blockage of Qi can manifest as pain, weakness, organ dysfunction, or mental symptoms. By harmonizing the flow of Qi, your body will enact its innate healing abilities.

The Qi Gong Tui Na master has developed an ability to push his Qi into his hands and control the emission of Qi from his body. When they touch your body, you will feel a warm, dry hand that produces a relaxing effect. In cases of serious disorder, the Qi Gong Tui Na master will emit their Qi into specific energy centers of your body to augment your body’s healing ability. Some of the soft tissue techniques, such as shaking and grasping, can be very vigorous to break up stagnation in tissues and strongly move the Qi in the body. Acupressure techniques can be used to stimulate acupuncture points on the body to adjust the flow of Qi in specific meridians or to release a specific point that is blocked. The bone setting techniques are less commonly performed in the US, and require good hands to properly adjust bone alignment. The Qi harmonizing techniques can properly balance the more subtle flow of energy in your body and relax your mind and body. While some techniques may be uncomfortable at times, the results will leave you feeling energized and feeling stronger.

In conjunction with an array of manipulation techniques, Qi Gong Tui Na can be very effective for all forms of physical injury and many internal disorders. The diagnosis and healing abilities of a developed master can detect and correct many diseases with their manual and energetic techniques. Stubborn injuries that seemed to have stopped healing or acute distress can quickly be resolved with this form of therapy.

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