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Herbal Remedies for Candidiasis

Herbal treatments include immune stimulants, anti-fungal herbs, intestinal heat-clearing herbs, immune tonics, and adrenal tonics where necessary. Supplements of Lactobacillus can also be helpful in normalizing the body's flora.

Yeast Infection - Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine

Yeast infection is most often caused by a species of the yeast , most commonly , thus it is often referred to as candidiasis. is a common cause of vaginal infections in women, and may cause mouth i. ...

Nutrition for Yeast Infections

Many of the nutritious foods that support good health also unfortunately encourage growth of candidiasis albicans, the fungus that causes yeast infections. If you have a yeast infection, you will want to reduce the foods that make your body a good host and eat other foods that will help fight the infection.

Oregano, wild Herbal Remedies

Recently, the distilled oil of wild oregano has been touted as a treatment for infections, cancer, candida, and other diseases. Although no doubt active as an antiseptic and immune-activator, it is not a panacea.

Herbal Remedies for Fungal Infections

Fungal infections of the skin or nails can be treated with antifungal herbs. Immune stimulants can also be helpful.

Pau d'arco Herbal Remedies

Pau d'arco is a South American herb renowned for its anti-fungal, anti-candida, and cancer-fighting properties. Its active ingredient, lapachol, has been shown to inhibit tumor growth. In studies the herb has been shown to have a moderate immune stimulating response. Pau d'arco is the inner bark of a tree from the Bignoniaceae family and contains quinones that are strongly antibacterial and anti-fungal. Pau D'arco has a taste of ASTRINGENT, AROMATIC and a temperature of COOL.

Black Walnut Herbal Remedies

Black walnut is an astringent and cooling herb commonly used for diarrhea and gastrointestinal irritation. It is also used to help treat candida infections. Due to its high tannin and napthaquinone (juglone) content, it is used internally as an anthelmintic and externally for ringworm. Black walnut is useful when traveling to areas where food or water may contain bacteria or parasites, which can cause nausea, abdominal pains, and diarrhea. Black Walnut has a taste of BITTER and a temperatur

Shiitake Herbal Remedies

Shiitake is a delicious medicinal mushroom which has thousands of years of medicinal and folk use as a strengthening and restoring food. It is indicated in diseases of suppressed immune function such as environmental allergies, candidiasis, AIDS, and cancer and has been reported to have antiviral and anticarcinogenic properties. Shiitake is also said to lower cholesterol, when used consistently for a period of time--not a difficult task. A special extract of the mycelium (the actual vegetative

Siberian Ginseng Herbal Remedies

Siberian ginseng contains adaptogenic and immune-regulating properties making it useful for fatigue and exhaustion, debility, immune deficiency, and stress-related disorders. This herb is known as an adaptogen, a type of remedy that helps you adapt to stress and changes in your life. Studies show that taking Siberian ginseng may cause you to have more energy, get sick less often, have better workouts, and respond to stress and jet lag better. It is also helpful during convalescence and for c

Acidophilus - Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine

, commonly referred to simply as acidophilus, is a friendly inhabitant of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. It, as well as some related strains of bacteria, is known as a probiotic. Probiotic organismt....

Vaginitis - Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine

Vaginitis is a condition characterized by inflammation of the vagina and vulva, most often caused by a bacterial, fungal, or parasitic infection.Vaginitis, vulvitis, and vulvovaginitis are general tes....

Echinacea Herbal Remedies

Echinacea is a popular, non-toxic herb widely revered and used for its immune-stimulating, anti-bacterial, and antiviral activity. It enhances one's resistance to colds and flu (particularly when taken at the onset), is useful for septicemia and skin complaints (such as boils, abscesses, or carbuncles), and is used as a mouthwash for gum problems. Echinacea is taken for chronic infections of the urinary and respiratory tracts. It is also used locally as an antiseptic for burns, wounds, bites,

Cranberry - Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine

The cranberry plant, a familiar source of berries used in juices and relishes in the United States, has been in existence since the Iron Age. The Romans were the first to recognize its medicinal usess....

Fungal Infections - Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine

Fungi are types of parasitic plants that include molds, mildew, and yeast. A fungal infection is an inflammatory condition in which fungi multiply and invade the skin, the digestive tract, the genitaa....

Sepia - Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine

Sepia () is the homeopathic name for "cuttlefish" or squid remedy. The remedy is made from the contents of the "ink bag" of the cuttlefish.Sepia's primary role in td....

Pau D'arco - Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine

Pau d'arco (pronounced pow-darko) is a large tree that grows in the Amazon rain forest and in tropical areas of South America. The botanical names for the species most commonly used are and .s....

Colonic Irrigation - Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine

Colonic irrigation is also known as hydrotherapy of the colon, high colonic, entero-lavage, or simply colonic. It is the process of cleansing the colon by passing several gallons of water through it r....

Glucosamine - Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine

Glucosamine is an amino sugar that occurs naturally in the body. This one-molecule substance consists of glucose and a hydrogen and nitrogen amine. Amino sugars are different from other body sugars, t....

Cat's Claw - Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine

Cat's claw is a large woody vine indigenous to the Amazon rain forest of South America. The herb earns its name from the curved thorns on the vine that resemble the claws of a cat. Also known t ...

Orthomolecular Medicine - Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine

Orthomolecular medicine is the prevention and treatment of disease by administering nutritional supplements. The patient's state of health, external or environmental factors and quality of die2;...

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