Sexual Qi Gong

There is a Taoist principle which states that even one day of waste will squander months of saving. As you become more in tune with your body through Qi Gong practice, you may feel the various sources of energy in the body and the times that you waste that energy. Sexual habits are often the greatest leak of your body’s vital substances. Sexual Qi Gong is an advanced Qi Gong practice used to cultivate sexual energy and restrain essence during sexual activity.

Sexual Energy

When sexual energy becomes activated or aroused, you feel energized and alert, your senses are heightened and stamina increases. Qi Gong texts often recommend abstaining from sexual activity for the first 100 days of Qi Gong practice. This saving of the sexual energy will result in a faster development of the Qi Gong practice. However, the real intent of this advice is to learn to control your sexual energy.

While the control of sexual energy applies to both men and women, it is men who tend to suffer the most from poor sexual practices. The ejaculation by men during orgasm creates a significant loss of a man’s vital essences, called Jing. The Chinese text Classic of the Plain Girl provided important guidelines on ejaculation frequency based upon a man’s age and health:

Age  Good Health   Weak Health
20 Twice per day  Once per day
30 Once per day Every other day
40 Every three days Every four days
50 Every five days Every ten days
60 Every ten days Every twenty days
70 Every 30 days Never

As you can see, a man of weaker health should conserve his sexual energy more than a healthy individual. Awareness of your state of health can determine how frequently you should release this sexual essence. If you are feeling extremely fatigued or experiencing headaches after ejaculation, you may be losing too much sexual essence for your current state of health. The depletion of essence can result in premature aging, chronic disease, and shortened life span. To advance the Qi Gong practice, you should cultivate your sexual energy by restraining ejaculation leading to higher levels of health and longevity.

Woman also can lose their energy from sex, but it is childbirth that causes the greatest loss of essence. This is especially true in the case of a woman who has children too close in succession, and does not allow the proper amount of time to recover between pregnancies.

Cultivating Your Energy

The cultivation of your energy with Sexual Qi Gong is an enhancement of the Microcosmic Orbit practice, one of the fundamental Sitting Qi Gong Meditations. By circulating the Qi through this pathway, you can delay or prevent ejaculation. In addition, both men and woman can increase their exchange of sexual energy by practicing sexual Qi Gong and unifying the energy during sex.

The first step of sexual Qi Gong is to practice guiding sexual energy out of the genitals and into the Du meridian along the spine. To begin, practice squeezing your pubococcygeus muscle; this is the same muscle used to stop the flow of urine. When you contract this muscle, visualize the energy drawing out of your genitals and moving up your spine. As you get better at this part of the Qi Gong exercise, you will begin to learn to delay orgasm; it is the build up of sexual energy in your genitals that eventually leads to ejaculation.

Next, further guide the energy to the top of the spine and into your brain. Then, guide the energy down your front centerline, the Ren meridian, by touching your tongue to the upper palate. Along the Ren meridian, you can guide the energy into the Dan Tian, located just below your naval, where it can be stored. The guiding of your energy through this circuit to the Dan Tian is how you can gradually build a large store of energy that enhances your health.

Separating Orgasm and Ejaculation

As you gain the ability to delay your orgasm by circulating your sexual energy, you will eventually experience the separation of orgasm and ejaculation. In this situation, you can feel the rush of energy and elation of orgasm, but you do not actually ejaculate. The restraining of ejaculation will preserve your essence. With more sexual Qi Gong experience, you can extend your stamina to allow several non-ejaculatory orgasms during each sexual experience; this multi-orgasmic ability is possible in both men and women.

During sexual Qi Gong practice, you may require your partner to momentarily stop or slow down during sex to allow you to regain control of your sexual energy if it builds too quickly. If you are unable to control your sexual energy and do ejaculate during sex, do not feel bad and try again next time. With practice, you will be able to consistently circulate the energy in your body correctly.

By reaching this level of Qi Gong practice, you will no longer be leaking your body’s vital essence during sexual intercourse. You have begun to master your sexual energy. This conservation of sexual energy and essence can lead to increased longevity and health.

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