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Hypertension is an elevation in blood pressure beyond normal levels, indicating increased cardiac (heart muscle) contraction, increased vascular resistance, or both.  It is often also called High Blood Pressure, HTN, HBP, or more grimly as “the silent killer”, as the condition often causes few subjective symptoms before becoming fatal. When untreated, hypertension can lead to an increased risk for strokes, heart attacks and kidney failure. Primary hypertension accounts for the majority of cases where the exact cause of the condition is unknown. Secondary hypertension is caused by a variety of disorders, which include kidney diseases, endocrine disorders, cancer, and drug side effects.

Acupuncture for Hypertension

One-third of Americans suffer from hypertension. Fortunately, holistic treatments such as acupuncture can help manage hypertension and improve your overall health.

Ayurveda for Hypertension

Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, can be an excellent form of complementary medicine to manage hypertensio...

Meditation for Hypertension

Meditation can be helpful in managing hypertension, helping you learn to relax your mind and body for better health.

Naturopathic Medicine for Hypertension

Naturopathic medicine can be effective in controlling hypertension by combining several natural healing therapies, in...

Integrative Medicine for Hypertension

The Integrative Medical approach to hypertension involves treatment by a physician who specializes in combining stand...

Herbal Remedies for Hypertension

Learning to relax is extremely important for good results. Meditation, stretching, yoga, walking in the woods, danci...

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Natural Hypertension Treatment
Natural Hypertension Treatment

Checkout this video from NBC about a natural, non-drug treatment or relieve to reduce hypertension. It's even FDA approved.

Hypertension: Breathing Exercise for Pitta People
Hypertension: Breathing Exercise for Pitta People

In this how-to health video, learn more about a breathing exercise for Hypertension in Pitta people. Interesting Ayurvedic exercise treatment.

Hypertension: Balancing the Heart Qi Gong
Hypertension: Balancing the Heart Qi Gong

This presentation of 'Shuxin Pingxue Gong' details an effective and powerful Qi Gong routine. Designed to 'extend the blood and balance of the heart', these 8 simple exercises are practiced in China for the treatment of hypertension, coronary disease and heart distress.

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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Kent, WA

chinese meidcine for hypertension. i have had good success in lowering blood pressure with a choice of acu points and chinese herbs, a formulation designed specifically for lowering blood pres...

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A new study published in the journal, , reports that scientists from the University of Nanjing, China, the Erlangen University Clinic, the Ottobeuren Clinic demonstrated a significant decrease in h...

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The Journal of Neuroscience published Professor Jim Deuchar’s accidental findings that demonstrated, “pathways between the neck and the brain show the neck muscles could play a crucial role in cont...

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Sad news today reported by ABC says that more than 1 million kids in the U.S. have underdiagnosed high blood pressure. The AMA seven-year study based on medical records for nearly 15,000 healthy ch...

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Arch Acupuncture  and Health Center

High blood pressure is frequently difficult to treat in a short time by acupuncture or herbs. Patients become discouraged and turn to western medicine. Some forms of Qigong can help lower blood pre...

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