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Life Coaching is a form of counseling that focuses on the enhancement of specific aspects of the client’s life. These areas often include business projects, behavioral changes, personal transitions, relationships, and lifestyle adjustments. In contrast with psychotherapy, Life Coaching focuses more on how to help you achieve your personal goals, and not on the treatment of mental illness. While there is no government regulation of the profession, there does exist several self-regulating agencies providing certification to Life Coaches. Sessions with a Life Coach include listening to the client’s goals, recommendations to help achieve those goals, and exercises to enhance the client’s ability to utilize the recommended actions. Life Coaching may be offered in both private and group settings, providing a range of costs and personalization of the sessions.

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South Florida Chiropractor

4500 Biscayne Blvd, #202, Miami

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9420 SW 77 Avenue, Miami

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17038 Dixie Highway, North Miami Beach

Life Coaching in Naples Florida Area

105 Tahiti Street, Naples

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San Francisco Area Life Coaching

The following are common themes and benefits of why people choose to work with a life coach. Feel empowered to create and manage change Rejuvenate your life with more energy, fun, and choice ...

Mind Body Nutrition

In my twenties, I traveled for 6 years outside the United States. It wasn't because I became voraciously curious about food or because I loved to learn languages. (Though I did.) The core motivat...

 posted by Mind Body Nutrition
Wellness Coach

7 Gifts Presents One of The Best Coach Training Programs In The World… BECOME A LIFE COACH THROUGH OUR ICF APPROVED COACH TRAINING PROGRAM   BEGINNING NOVEMBER 18, 2008 Registra...

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Career, Life, and Wellness Coach

Today I came across this list of life lessons and each one made me stop and think about how I have learned, or not yet learned, these lessons in my own life. While these life lessons are quite simp...

Career, Life, and Wellness Coach

During Bikram Yoga classes I learned an important lesson about life. I learned the more we immerse ourselves in the flow of life, the more at peace we are with life. Whenever I find myself struggli...

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