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Herbal Remedies for Menorrhagia

Herbal hormone regulators and astringent herbs can be useful, but when the condition is chronic, a total health program based on one's constitution is essential.

Raspberry Herbal Remedies

Raspberry leaf has long been used traditionally as a uterine tonic to facilitate labor and to ease dysmenorrhea and m...

Beth Root Herbal Remedies

Beth root is used for vaginal infections, cramping, menorrhagia, and diarrhea. It is said to facilitate childbirth a...

Fleabane Herbal Remedies

Fleabane has hemostatic principles and is of value in light internal hemorrhages and mennorhagia and metrorrhagia. I...

Lady's Mantle Herbal Remedies

Lady's mantle is a popular women's herb used for such complaints as cramps, heavy menstruation, and menopause. It is...

Periwinkle Herbal Remedies

Periwinkle is an astringent herb used particularly for excessive menstrual flow and as a douche for leukorrhea. This...

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