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Nutrition for Neuropathy

Neuropathy is a common side effect to many diseases and medications; fortunately, proper nutrition can help to resolve this symptom and assist in managing disease and eliminating unneeded medications.

Hypnotherapy for Neuropathy

Hypnotherapy can help patients cope with neuropathy by redirecting the client’s attention away from the pain and enco...

Peripheral Neuropathy - Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine

Peripheral neuropathy, sometimes called peripheral neuritis, is damage to the nerves that connect peripheral (outlyin...

Herbal Remedies for Neuritis

An external application of anti-inflammatory herbs and the antispasmodic, black cohosh can sometimes be of benefit.

Ademetionine - Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine

Ademetionine, also known as SAMe, is a specific form of the amino acid methionine known as S-adenosyl-methionine. The...

Gamma-Linoleic Acid - Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine

Gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) is an omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid made in the body from linolenic acid, an essential...

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Laser Therapy for Pain Management
Laser Therapy for Pain Management

Laser therapy is said to be a safe and effective therapy revolutionizing pain management. Used for the treatment of neuropathy, non healing wounds, musculoskeletal pain, chronic pain and much more.

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In , the Rapid Access Chest Pain Unit conducted a 14-month study to identify whether 235 patients would consider acupuncture as a valid treatment for the condition, non-cardiac chest pain, which ef...

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Peripheral Neuropathy is a condition that causes damage to the nerves due to the chemotherapy. This is a serious condition, it is considered a nerve disease or damage causing improper nerve funct...

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Kent, WA

For degenerative diseases, like multiple sclerosis, lupus, arthritis and diabetes, chinese medicine can be very helpful, both in combination with western medicine and as a stand alone therapy. ...

Seattle Naturopath | Seattle Naturoapthic | Dr. Diane Lee | 98105

Metformin is a common and helpful diabetes medication used to help control Type 2 diabetes. This drug works by decreasing the amount of glucose synthesized by the liver and by enhancing sensitiv...

Seattle Naturopath | Seattle Naturoapthic | Dr. Diane Lee | 98105

Looking for a safe and effective way to reduce to optimize health? The answer would be to eat right and exercise. One can also consider vitamin B12 injections as it can give you positive results...

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