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Introduction to Holistic Pet Care

Holistic pet care treats the entire animal—whether it’s a cat, dog, horse, bird, or reptile — as more than merely a physical being. This awareness of the mind-body-environment relationship differs from the allopathic view typical of western medici...

Holistic Pet Care Resources

A list of Holistic Pet Care resources where you can contact major organizations about further information on caring f...

The Use of Supplements in Holistic Pet Care

Just as RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) guidelines have been developed for humans, AAFCO (Association of Animal Fee...

The Use of Massage in Holistic Pet Care

Pets and animals can also enjoy the health-giving benefits of massage just as much as people do. Massage can reduce ...

Homeopathy for Pets

In veterinary medicine, homeopathy is quickly gaining ground in the US, with more than 200 veterinarians currently ac...

Pet Food Recall

Warnings of a pet food recall have sounded eleven times in the US since 1995. In March of 2007, the largest and deadl...

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Brickell Animal Hospital

130 SW 8 St, Miami

Banfield The Pet Hospital® - Midtown Miami

3101 North Miami Ave, Suite 110, Miami

Miami Beach Animal Hospital

959 West Avenue, Miami Beach

Trail Animal Hospital

6464 SW 8th St, W Miami

Biscayne Animal Hospital

1665 NE 123rd St., North Miami

South Dade Animal Hospital

6380 South Dixie Highway, South Miami

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Holistic Pet Health: Pet Food
Holistic Pet Health: Pet Food

Learn more about the importance of what you feed your animals. Pet food store owner discusses the benefits of holistic pet food.

Holistic Pet Health: Hip & Joint Care
Holistic Pet Health: Hip & Joint Care

What do you do when you notice one day that your aging pet has trouble standing? HSN's pet expert Prince Lorenzo Borghese shares what he learned and did to help keep his best friend's hips and joints healthy so she could live a long, active, natural life.

Acupuncture in Animals: Holistic Pet Care
Acupuncture in Animals: Holistic Pet Care

Video with Jeanie Marie Kraft, a licensed Acupuncturist in Massachusetts, giving an acupuncture treatment to Chula, a German Shepherd/Labrador mix. Acupuncturist shows the acupuncture technique and talks about how acupuncture works on dogs and other animals/pets.

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Accredited Online Holistic Nutrition Training

Caring for pets with homeopathy is a very satisfying experience. The secret is simple: Treat your animals like people. Your pets are part of your family. They have their own character, person...

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Curious as to what kind of qualifications one might need before they prick your pet with an acupuncture needle? According to the laws in most states, only a D.V.M. (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) d...

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Ancient Arts Holistic Veterinary Services

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I recently received a referral from a friend of mine who has a day care for dogs.

Body Health thru Nutrition

Pet Nutrition “Love of animals is a universal impulse, a common ground on which all of us may meet. By loving and understanding animals, perhaps we humans shall come to understand each other....

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