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Prayer and Spirituality - Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine

Prayer is an act of communication with God or the Absolute. The spiritual beliefs of the person praying influence how the Absolute is perceived. For some, the Absolute is known as the Great Goddess. m....

Meditation Styles and Traditions

In this article, we will provide an introduction to various styles and traditions of meditation. Our discussion will...

Curanderismo - Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine

Curanderismo is a holistic system of Latin American folk medicine. This type of folk medicine has characteristics spe...

Integrative Medicine for Chemotherapy Side Effects

Integrative Medicine combines complementary and alternative medicine with western medical treatments to manage the si...

Christian Science Healing - Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine

Christian Science healing is a method of spiritual healing based on the beliefs of the Christian Science, or Church o...

Quan Yin - Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine

Quan yin is the English transliteration of the Chinese name for a Buddhist divine figure whose Sanskrit name is Avalo...

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Zen Village and Zab Sang Institute

3570 Main Highway, Coconut Grove

Unity on the Bay

411 Ne 21 Street, Miami

Cristovão Brilho Institute

2811 Coral Way, Coral Gables

Chakra Samvara Center

369 Hibuscus Drive, Miami Beach

The Ninth Chakra

530 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

Son Rise Unlimited

5151 N Miami Ave, Miami

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Margaret Loris RN MS, RET

Here is a Prosperity Affirmation Prayer and Transmission for you.   (Read Aloud Or Listen Every Day for 30 days)   I call on Creator and Heavens Helpers to assist in this downlo...

Synergistic Health and Wellness

Typically fear is something that we think MIGHT happen rather than what is happening now, in the present.  So, for all accounts, fear is a future thing, usually a projection into the future of wh...

Spiritual Growth and Enhancement with Crystalline Clearings

Trusting in Source. . .Who/What is your source? In strange times like these, people forget. ‘Forget what’ you might be wondering? Forget who we are. How long have you been on your spiritual ...

Spiritual Growth and Enhancement with Crystalline Clearings

If I didn't have 'lack' in my life, I wouldn't have learned that Source is not outside of me.  People are not my source, my work is not my source.  The source of life runs through me connected...

Zen Village and Zab Sang Institute

Buddhist Teachings   "The Jewel Ornament of Liberation" by Gompopa  Non-Meritious Karma and its Result Wednesdays   6:30pm - 8:30pm January 21 -  February 25 $150 - Regis...

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