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Valerian Herbal Remedies

Valerian has been used since antiquity as a healing herb to help relieve digestive problems, and from the middle ages to help relieve emotional stress, sleeplessness, nervousness, menstrual and intestinal cramps, and muscle pain. A wealth of clin...

Valerian - Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine

Valerian () is one of about 200 members of the Valerianaceae family. This plant is native to Europe and west Asia; it...

Herbal Remedies for Delirium

Relaxing herbs and anti-anxiety herbs can be useful.

Herbal Remedies for Headaches

Relaxing herbs, herbs to increase blood flow to the brain, herbs to relieve liver stagnation, and cooling herbs may b...

Herbal Remedies for Tight Muscles

Herbalists often recommend relaxing herbs to help relieve the tension. External applications of blood-moving herbs ...

Herbal Remedies for Nervousness

The regular practice of deep breathing is extremely effective for calming mind and body for it activates the parasymp...

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Natural Ways to Ease Anxiety
Natural Ways to Ease Anxiety

Great natural advice on how to deal with anxiety attacks. From tea made with valerian root and chamomile to walking meditation out in nature, real patient discusses helpful advice in this short video.

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Sedatives are tempting for many because it offers a quick fix. But just like a drug, the real problem still awaits once its effects have worn off. The highly addictive properties of many sleeping a...

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After several days of air travel, exposure to sick clients and added stress this week, I am sporting a minor head cold. If I don't nip it now, it could get worse.  So, I've chosen to stay in and ...

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If the fear of stroke, cancer and other severe side effects from having to take prescription hormones is scaring you into enduring your hot flashes or PMS symptoms, then you must not have looked in...

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When using essential oils on babies, or young children, special care must be taken. Essential oils are natural, but not all are meant for use on children. A general rule for using essenti...

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It has been said that laughter washes our hearts.  This is worth paying attention to, don't you think? Watching a kitten prowl through the universe of a dining room, or a small child playing in a b...

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