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Plan a New Years Revolution

Monday, January 17, 2011

This year I want to wish you the best of success in you endeavors. But rather than just wish, hope and pray for a better year than the last let’s do something radically different. Let us create a plan this year. Yeah, I’m talking to you. Creating a plan may seem a bit odd since I bet last year you made a resolution.

Lets scrap this notion and create a plan for success.

As people in the health and wellness spectrum of this plan why don’t we together formulate a system for you with idea that you can be a model for whatever you want? However before we can get this movement going, we must do some research, study, and feedback. To accomplish this we must install what we are calling a Wellness Review.

The Wellness Reviews main goal is to increase health by a measurable factor, avoid preventable disease causing habit, and be happier and wealthier person by this time next year. No it not a new health gimmick nor some new fad. This has been around for years. The challenge is that most of us rarely use it. The success rate is staggering and the simplicity of the system makes you feel like “it can be that simple”.

So how do you get started and what’s next.

1. Write down what are your health and wellness goals. Notice I did not say type. Yes you will have to put pen to paper this time because research shows that we humans remember and process better when we write it down the old way.

To get you started I will use myself for example, I want to lower my blood pressure naturally by 10 points.

2. Create an order or precedence. This means that the most important of your goals should be at the top.

3. Rearrange this list yet again to ask yourself which of this list I can do the fast.

4. Today, schedule a chat with your Wellness Partner at 6th Sense Wellness Center or wherever you deem a great resource to

create a concrete and actionable plan that you can take with you and be accountable. Yes accountability is the key component.

Think about it this way, if you did not have any accountability, would you have gone to work every day if there was no one you had to answer to?

This plan should not be taken lightly but it will be a fun ride of self discovery that you can pass on to others and be that person others would like to emulate

My Friend lets “plan” to make this year one for the record books since we will have the records to prove it.

To get started contact Nike Roach, MS, LMBT at the 6th Sense Health Wellness Center for your complimentary Wellness Review

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