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Press Releases Help Market Your Business

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Writing press releases is one of the least expensive ways to garner attention for your business practice. Having a journalist write about you and what you do is an invaluable way to promote your business. Your business will be exposed to people that it otherwise would not be, and you are saving yourself the time and expense of running an often ineffective ad.


As an entrepreneur, the key to your public relations success is to come up with things about you and your business that journalists and their readers care about. There are some basic things that many businesses routinely write press releases about that get put in the calendar section of the paper. If you have a class or event coming up – send a press release about it. This should be a standard press release that you incorporate into the routine of running your business. 


What are some other things that you, as a small business owner, can do to generate some publicity for your business that’s a little bit different – that is more likely to generate a feature article or a bigger mention than just in the calendar or what’s happening section?


A few ideas to get you thinking...


-  If you are interviewing someone, doing a teleclass (especially a free one), a webinar, or something else for your clients or subscribers, tell the press about it. Invite the general public to come or invite the journalist.


-  Partner with an unlikely business and teach a class together, or simply announce your joint venture and how that benefits people in your community. An example could be a chiropractor offering free health and wellness classes together with the city or county nutritionist or health office. The chiropractor is giving back to the community and the city is educating the community on health issues – something they just love to do.



Make a habit of looking for ideas to market your business practice.  With time, the local community will start looking for articles and happenings of you and your practice!




To your success!

Kelly Robbins

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