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Addiction Alchemy

1939 Park Meadows Drive, #9 Fort Myers, FL 33907
(239) 560-6314

Welcome to Addiction Alchemy™

Addiction Alchemy™ is a holistic, self-help journey for addiction recovery, based on the Medicine Wheel model. The Medicine Wheel can help anyone regardless of race, culture, gender or belief system to transform the process of addiction at the core level. It works with any addiction and most especially "hidden" addictions, attachments and other issues that may not be readily recognized as addictions.

The power of the Medicine Wheel is in its shape; It is a circle. Life is cyclical, it is not a linear process. Consequently complete recovery isn't about just getting from point a to point b. To subscribe to this type of thinking only further ingrains the addictive process upon society. The wheel makes recovery an organic process, helping you to master your life by giving you the keys to bring into awareness the interconnectedness of all things. Addiction Alchemy and the Medicine Wheel is a portal to the place beyond sobriety.

The strength of the Medicine Wheel lies in its ability to be both absolute and relative. North, South, East, West, Up, Down and Center are at once inarguable guide markers and yet remain relative to YOU! You are the center of your universe and you are the one making this trip. Addiction Alchemy allows you to meet yourself where you are at on the map of your own consciousness, and as such can help you navigate your life with a better sense of direction and momentum in time and space.

Each new direction on the wheel will fine tune your awareness, alerting you to signs along the way to help keep you on path, giving you often hidden information about yourself and your world, validating that you are exactly where you should be in your process and most of all that you are making progress! As you work with your own energies, environmental energies, unseen forces and most importantly other people the wheel helps you to remove negative influences and increase the flow of positive energy into your life. Through your power of choice as you make better decisions you develop greater peace, clarity, focus, courage, wisdom and understanding.


Specialties: Kaballah, Life Coaching, Native American Medicine, Prayer, Prayer/Spirituality, Psychotherapy, Spiritual Healing
Client Focus: Men's Health, Senior Health, Women's Health
Health Conditions: Addictions
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