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Holistic Nutrition in Castle Hayne, NC

April J. MacAlpine, PhD

2720 Berg Lane Castle Hayne, NC 28429
(910) 200-5464


ALL Degenerated diseases (in most cases) i.e. cancer, diabetes, obesity, lupus, heart disease, high blood pressure, fybromyalgia, sarcoidosis, emphysema, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, bursitis, acid reflux, asthma, mental illness (ADD, ADHD, bi-polar, schizophrenia, etc...) Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, AIDS, Prostate Cancer, Low Testosterone, Menonpause Symptoms, pernicious anemia, food, drug & alcohol addictions, chron's disease, hypo/hyper thyroidism, migraines etc...are 100% reversible with NATURAL REMEDIES such as a properly balanced nutrition, nutritional supplements (vitamins & minerals) and/or herbs (without the use of dangerous synthetic DRUGS)! I can help via my "Very Successful" "LIFE CHANGING" 12-STEP HOLISTIC NUTRITION EDUCATION PROGRAM TO WELLNESS! SEE STUDENT TESTIMONIES BELOW!

Lung cancer dismissed, blood pressure and blood sugar balanced, no more wheezing, lost 64 pounds and absolutely no more drugs for Bi-polar/schizophrenia (after 40 years of being on them) as a result of applying the information in this class! I Thank God for you Dr. MacAlpine! Anonymous (STAR STUDENT!!!!!!!!!!)

The Arthritis in my knees didn't hurt as much after the second week of class! I also lost a total of 23 pounds so far! E. Todd, Wilmington N.C.

After the fourth week of class, I was able to get off half of one of my diabetic medicines! V. McKoy, Wilmington N.C.

I lost 64 pounds within three months of taking the class!..................................................................... A. Williams, Wilmington N.C.

I'm down 9 pounds two weeks after completing the class!.................................................. S. Canty, Wilmington ....N.C.

The indigestion that I suffered from for years left by week one of the class!..................... J.Sheppard, Atlanta Ga.

Since I've taken this class, my husband's cholesterol has been the lowest since we have been married in 40 years! Pastor G. Fields, Wilmington N.C.

After years of diabetes, my blood sugar is finally balanced since I've started this class! D. Delgado (88 yrs. old), Navassa N.C.

My gas and bloating problems went away in one week of starting the class! D. Brown (82 yrs. old), North West N.C.

Pants falling off one month after taking this class! .......................................Presiding Elder, E. Dunn, Zebulon N.C.

I put on my sister's pants (who was much smaller than me) by mistake, and I was surprised that I could get in them and fasten them! R. Foy, Retired R.N., Castle Hayne N.C.

I lost 29 pounds, off half of all my medications, shared information with my sister and she is off one of her medications! A. Lawson, Wilmington N.C.

My allergies are gone, I feel more energetic, I lost weight and maintained my weight since taking this class! P. Belevan, Wilmington N.C.

I keep getting a clean bill of health at the doctor. I feel so sorry for the people who don't take this class! Elder L. McMillan, retired R.N., Wilmington N.C.

I lost 40 pounds just by listening to what another student did before I even took the class! C. Jackson, Castle Hayne N.C.

I am able to walk further without hurting so much by the third week of class! Bishop P. C. Lewis, Rocky Point N.C.

Dr. MacAlpine motivated me in the class to lose 35 pounds! Some people didn't recognize me. K. Devitt, Jonesboro Georgia

I am no longer taking medicine for cholesterol or high blood pressure since I've taken this class! D. Maxwell, Castle Hayne N.C.

I am no longer having hot flashes and I lost four pounds by week three into the class! P. Woods (68), Burgaw N.C.

I lost 40 pounds and my blood pressure became normal within two months after taking the class! R. Graham, Leland N.C.

After three weeks of starting this class, my cough of 25 YEARS WENT AWAY! I FEEL LIKE I am 25 yrs. old and I am a senior citizen! G. McFaddin, Wilmington N.C.

Since I've taken this class, I lost 15 pounds and I am being weaned off of my HEART and BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICATIONS so far! K. Hansley, Castle Hayne N.C.

Losing weight, while MIGRAINES diminishing since started this class!............ A.Gray, Boiling Springs Lake N.C.

All of my lab results improved, my husband lost weight and was able to discontinue his insulin pills as a result this nutrition education program! B. Codero, Leland N.C.

I lost 14 pounds and still making lifestyle changes as a result of this class! I feel much better.J. Canty, Wilmington N.C.

Boy, I am loosing so much weight just from changing my diet, I am not motivated to go back to the gym! G. Crews, Atlanta Ga.

This program work so fast, I had to immediately have my insulin adjusted (blood sugar dropped low quick), because of the dietary changes I made right away! I'm back on track now with LESS INSULIN! V. Shiver, Rocky Point N.C.

I no longer have to take medication for Bi-Polar since taken this class! I feel much better!T. Williams, Wilmington N.C.

I feel wonderful since I started this class! I loss four pounds and I am OFF MY INSULIN PILLS! F. Clarkson (73 yrs. old), Wilmington N.C.

I feel so much better (two weeks in), I walked up some stairs in my house without holding on to the rail for the first time in YEARS! My fasting blood sugar is now @ 96 down from 168! I sleep better at night! I have more energy to do things around the house now! S. Eaddy (73 yrs. old), Wilmington N.C.

After the first week of the class, I am OFF HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE DRUGS after being on them for two years! W. Allen (82 yrs. old), Wilmington N.C.

My energy level has increased after two weeks after taking the class! I am now doing some much needed work around the house! N. Burwick (70 yrs. old), Myrtle Beach S.C.

Since I took this class the doctor said that my blood pressure has been the lowest it's been in five years! E. McKoy, Wilmington N.C. I now have regular bowel movements since starting this class!... D. Adams, Burgaw N.C.

I lost 9 pounds! My blood pressure and blood sugar is normal! I feel much better! A. Martin, retired R.N., Wilmington N.C.

I lost 20 pounds and my feet got smaller! I feel so much better since I started applying the information in this class! J. Pickett (71 yrs. old), Maple Hill N.C

Specialties: Diet and Nutrition
Client Focus: Children's Health, Men's Health, Senior Health, Women's Health
Health Conditions: Anemia, Anxiety, Asthma, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Cancer, Depression, Diabetes, Hypertension, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Sarcoidosis, Schizophrenia, Weight Loss
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