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Keeping Fit at the Office

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Corporations have begun to realize that healthier employees mean happier, more productive employees. Because regular exercise boots employee morale, enhances productivity, and reduces signs of burnout or depression, companies are making more and more lee-way for how employees are conducting business if it means allowing them to fit in some “good-health time.” According to an article in The Times of India, the World Health Organization reported that “India could incur losses to the tune of $237 billion by 2015 due to rise in lifestyle diseases like heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer, because of unhealthy workplaces.”  Imagine what that number is for the U.S., where the number of lifestyle diseases has grown tremendously in the last decade.


Here are some everyday tips for staying healthy and fit while at the workplace:

1. Stay Hydrated: “Water helps your body with physical and mental performance, detoxification and digestion. Keep a water bottle at your desk and you’ll find it much easier to drink the recommend eight glasses of water each day. It will ease stress and result in sustained energy throughout the day.


2. Make Reasons to Walk Around: “Give yourself several reasons to take a break and move around after every 40 minutes. Simply getting up and moving around for a few moments can keep you focused, less fatigued and feeling better.”


3. Hit the Office Gym During Lunch: Take half of your break to exercise for 30 minutes, and then grab a bite to eat at your desk afterwards.


4. Take the Stairs


5. Pack Healthy Snacks: Such as raw veggies, fruit, or granola.


6. Conduct meetings on the go: “When it's practical, schedule walking meetings or brainstorming sessions. Do laps inside your building or take your walking meetings outdoors.”

7. Participate in different office games: “Office games such as table tennis, basket ball are an interesting way to keep healthy and fit. These games not only keep your energy levels high but also keep your body in good shape.
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