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The Organic Difference

Friday, April 02, 2010

The word “organic” refers to the agricultural methods that farmers use to cultivate fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and meat. “Organic” practices are designed to conserve water and reduce environmental toxins and pollution. Not only do organic foods oftentimes taste better, they’re also whole lot better for you – here are some reasons why:



Fertilization - Instead of using chemical-based fertilizers, organic agriculture uses manure or compost to enrich the plants and soil with their necessary nutrients. Many of the chemicals used for fertilization contain a variety of toxic substances that oftentimes end up contaminating the crops. 


Synthetic Hormones – Conventional farmers use a long list of synthetic hormones to spur the growth of their livestock and expedite the animals’ development. Synthetic hormones disrupt the production and function of our natural hormones and on the long-term can cause hormonal imbalances, including thyroid disease and metabolic disorders

– Farmers use antibiotics to ward off infection and disease in their livestock. The trouble is, many of these antibiotics have a similar effect to that of synthetic hormones. Farmers need to use large quantities of antibiotics to offset the many health risks that oftentimes accompany the overcrowded living conditions that the animals are accustomed to.

Organic Certified Feed The majority of cattle, chickens and other farm-raised animals are fed nothing but corn-based feed - which has little nutritional value. Organic farmers feed their animals only Organic Certified Feed – meaning that it contains at least 95 percent ORGANIC ingredients. Organic feed provides the animals with the nutrients and vitamins that they require for optimal development.

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