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Chiopractic Clinics of Nevada

858 S. Boulder Highway Henderson, NV 89015 Palo Verde & Boulder Highway www.nevadachiro.com
(702) 565-7474

Welcome to Chiopractic Clinics of Nevada

Are You Ready for The Source in
Cutting-Edge Chiropractic Technologies.

Henderson and Las Vegas valley residents no longer have to be afraid of the twisting, turning, snapping, cracking or popping. If you want a chiropractor on the cutting edge... look no further. Chiropractic has evolved! Before you see another chiropractor come in for an office tour or by checking out the ProAdjuster here.



Chiropractic and Health & Wellness is something that should be part of eveyone's plan. After all, It's your future... be there healthy.

Dr. Darrell Swolensky is a chiropractor based out of Henderson, Nevada. We serve people from all over the Las Vegas Valley and surrounding areas. He received his chiropractic degree from the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic located in Davenport, Iowa. It's the birth place of chiropractic and the first and foremost chiropractic college.

Dr. Swolensky has formulated a system that we refer to as our Unique Health Approach for a natural solution applying break-through chiropractic treatment and specific physiology-based nutritional programs for symptoms ranging from Neck Pain, Low Back Pain, Headaches, Sciatica, Herniated Discs, Nutitional Deficiencies, Digestive problems, Sinus & Allergies, Fatigue, Sleep Disturbances and Wellness Care.

How We Help You! 

It's a simple fact. Health is an inside job. That means, when you create the right inside environment the body's inborn healing and regulation will return your body in the direction of health and wellness. We assist each individual with a unique custom tailored plan to unlock their healing potential. Henderson and the Las Vegas valley can get the comfort, consistency and computerized technologies unrivaled in Southern Nevada.

How We Know What's Wrong

It starts with a consultation. Dr. Swolensky will interview you to see what is involved in your case. You'll discuss current health challenges, how it affects your daily life, what's important to you and your future expectations and goals.

The examination is an essential piece of any chiropractic plan for a solution. After all, to not know is to guess... and we won't guess about your health! Rather, if you know what the problem is you can work on a solution. Ignore the problem and the pain will come back. For that purpose a main stay in our evaluation is the Insight Subluxation Station (ISS), which leads to the NeuroSpinal Function Index (NSFi). It is compiled from 5 different areas: surface electromyography (sEMG), thermal scanning, Heart Rate Variability (HVR), spinal flexibility and pain index.

How This Is Different from Other Offices! 

Seeing really is believing! If you're a chiropractic veteran, the method with hands and twisting probably comes to mind. But wait until you see and experience our top-notch technologies. By utilizing world-class, cutting-edge technologies to evaluate, measure, locate, monitor, reevaluate and treat, you can produce maximal results. This is not a one-size fits all approach. A finger print is unique, our care is as well! We feature the ProAdjuster, DRX-9000, Erchonia PL5 Cold Laser, Insight Discovery, Loomis Enzyme Replacement System, Nutri-West and Chiro-Klenz. Don’t expect these technologies and services at just any office.

It's Unique. It's Innovative. And best yet... It Works Great!

When you become a member of our practice you receive the best of:

  • Advanced Technologies to analyze, locate and correct problems
  • Strategies for Health Maximization
  • Practical Information to Unlock Your Healing Potential
  • Success Principles and Habits to Further Your Improvement toward Optimal Health

 What Do You Want to Focus on First? 

When you become a member of our practice we listen to your highest priorities and Dr. Swolensky gives recommendations for one or a combination of the following:

·  Chiropractic
·  Digestive/Nutrition
·  Spinal Decompression
·  Exercise
·  Stress Reduction 

It's Up to You... You Decide!

Specialties: Chiropractic, Diet and Nutrition
Health Conditions: Adrenals, weak, Allergy - food, Arthritis, Back Pain, Headaches
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