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Questions Persist About Flu Emergency Declaration And The Safety Of Influenza Vaccines

Monday, October 26, 2009

As debate over the genuineness of a flu emergency and the safety of influenza vaccines continues, there are some key issues and assumptions that need to be explored. These include the following:

1. What role do microbes play in illness and disease processes? Are they the underlying cause or are they just part of a more complex process? Are the microbes present when people are healthy as well as when they are ill?

2. Is the germ theory of disease accurate, or are microbes pleomorphic and responsive to the biological terrain in a way that gives the host control over regulating the activity and function of microbes?

3. Is the production of antibodies to specific microbes actually a measure of immunity? What are the specific and systemic reactions that the body produces as response to perceived foreign proteins and toxins? Do vaccinations engage the full range of immune response or just a limited portion of that response?

4. How does the body respond to vaccine shots? Injections bypass the normal pathways of exposure to microbes, potentially placing the immune system into an over-activated state. Is there any connection between vaccinations and auto-immune related illnesses?

5. How are studies on vaccine safety and efficacy conducted? Are there controls used for relevant variables and are data looked at long-term (longitudinal) or just short term?

6. How are potential adverse vaccine reactions reported and documented? If adverse reaction data is not properly documented then any studies looking at the issue of vaccine safety would fail to show an accurate assessment of potential hazards.  Why have consumer advocate groups had to take legal action to expose reports of adverse reactions to vaccines?

7. What are the ingredients of vaccine formulations, and have these ingredients been shown to have hazardous properties in non-vaccine related exposure?

8. What alternative measures are available to foster immune strength and reduction in illnesses? Why are there no governmental or medical industry campaigns to ensure that everyone gets adequate sleep, nutrients, and other important immune boosters?

9. What is the financial influence of the pharmaceutical industry? What are the connections between the corporations that manufacture vaccines and the government agencies that regulate health care and the media corporations that disseminate news?

10. What role have factors such as nutrition, living conditions, societal stresses, environmental contamination, and other variables played in the waxing and waning of disease epidemics? Is there any valid evidence that vaccines have caused declines in illnesses that couldn't be accounted for by other factors?

11. Why is it that the outcome of supposedly scientific research can be predicted with rather high accuracy based upon who is conducting the research? This factor strongly suggests that scientific research can be (and frequently is) easily manipulated to generate data that supports the interests of those with a financial stake in a product or treatment modality. Are medical experts critically analyzing research to see if claims made in publicized studies are really accurate rather than just convenient assumptions or willful deceptions?

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