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The Multiple Dimensions Of Healing - Why Truly Holistic Health Care Is Vital, But Hard To Find

Monday, June 29, 2009
Each of us is a powerful multi-dimensional being, containing multiple layers of energy and consciousness, which inform the functioning of our illusory physical bodies.  In physics scientists recognize the concept of particle-wave duality, where light is merely a wave until it is observed, and the interaction with the observer generates the appearance of the existence of a particle in time-space, from the observer's perspective.  In reality, everything is in a state of vibration, and the universe is a field of information where everything exists as a sub-field within the greater field, a wave within the infinite ocean of Being.  Thus, when we look at our health and medical treatment from just one dimension we are severely limiting our potential for healing and transformation, since there are multiple other layers that influence the reality we perceive.

Most healthcare practitioners are very specialized and focused on narrow treatment protocols and theories.  Specialization in medicine generates higher profits for doctors and higher costs for patients, yet the available data shows it yields no benefit in treatment outcomes or public health.  All systems of our body are interrelated just as each one of us is interconnected with our society and ultimately with all of Creation, as we all exist within the greater Unified Field of Creation.  Not only are all the parts and systems of the body energetically and holographically connected, but the physical body is inseparable from higher vibrational layers of our being - our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and our soul and spirit.  The metaphysical layers of our being actually hold blueprints for what will manifest physically.  In traditional cultures this was known and accepted as inherently true, and healers would be trained to work on all levels - physically (massage, herbs, diet, etc.), energetically (laying on of hands, acupressure, psychic healing, psychic surgery, light and sound, crystals, etc.), psychologically (counsel/guidance and social support), and spiritually (use of sacred rituals and connection with spiritual guidance).

Our present culture fragments and disconnects these aspects of our being.  Modern medicine tends to completely ignore many of these layers and the layer it does treat (physiology) it chooses to treat often in a suppressive manner rather than a supportive manner.  To fully understand things we need to have a full picture - to see things from an all-encompassing perspective.  In health care that means exploring all the layers and dimensions of our being.  Using an approach where our perspective is handicapped, we become like the fable of the blind men describing an elephant, unable to apply a valid picture of reality.  This leads to unwise choices and a limited range of effective treatment interventions.  When you speak with a doctor or other practitioner it is helpful to see if that person is aware of and able to acknowledge and value other approaches to healthcare beyond what he/she may specialize in.  Many doctors may dismiss some approaches based on very limited information or because the alternative ideas and treatments are a threat to their existing belief system.  Sometimes people will cling to discredited or disproven theories and beliefs regardless of what evidence is present.  There are many ways to deny, distort, or ignore evidence that contradicts one's view of reality.  Many of us do this in one area of our lives even though we demonstrate solid critical thinking in other areas of our lives.

I encourage all who read this to be open to recognizing the limitations of their existing perspective, to learn about new ideas and more expansive, multidimensional views of health and wellness.

- Jed Shlackman, LMHC, C.Ht.

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