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Keeping Fitness Fresh: Part I

Saturday, January 14, 2012

After about 20 years of living and studying fitness and health, I continue to see a reoccurring theme in the industry and it is the myth that there is one solution for everyone to lose weight, get/stay fit, and achieve optimal health. Many individuals find that this is far from the reality of things. I cannot express enough how important it is to keep your body guessing and adapting to new challenges in order to stay fit or improve your fitness level. This is often true for diet as well as exercise. In fact, the metabolism adapts to dietary changes in much the same way muscles, lungs and heart can become stronger or more efficient from changes to exercise type, frequency, and intensity. Here are some ways to keep fitness fresh:

  1. Take a break! Have you been working out with high intensity for 3 or 4 months 5 or more days a week non-stop? Take several days or even a week off and do something fun and active. Take a walk through your favorite town, go to an art gallery, or a local zoo. Do anything that does not require that you stress, strain, or exhaust your body. Your body will thank you!
  2. Are you a long-distance runner that usually does light high reps in the weight room? Switch it up and decrease your rep range with heavier weights. Also do high intensity sprints to make your cardio sessions much shorter, but still challenging.
  3. Weight lifters can follow the logic above and up the cardio intensity instead of those longer steady paces they may be keeping. In the meantime, lift with lighter weight and higher repetitions to fatigue your muscles

These are just a few of the many ways to change it up. Stay tuned for tips on keeping the diet "fresh". Contact Dr. Kris today to re-boost your fitness or diet strategies!

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