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Naturopathic Doctor on Statin Alternatives for Lowering Cholesterol

Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Lipitor is the wold's best selling drug. It's ability to lower cholesterol is undisputed. It, like all other statin drugs, is by no means side-effect free. A new study finds a 48% increase in diabetes in patients on all types of statins (regardless of dose). The conventional medical community is not changing their recommendations regarding the use of statins. (Dr. Joanne Manson of Harvard medical ...school says the following: "For those who advocate even more widespread use of statins -- virtually "putting statins in the water supply" -- these findings give pause and suggest that perhaps if statins are used even more widely in those at lower risk and from very early ages, at some point this increased risk for diabetes could begin to offset some of the benefits of statins")!
From a naturopathic perspective, I find this quite alarming.
Firstly, dietary changes should be first line in anyone with elevated lipid levels- they can be very effective and are side effect free (in fact, they will improve overall health as well as cholesterol and blood sugar regulation in the long run).
Secondly, there are many natural supplements which are useful in reducing diabetes without the side effects of the statins.
Third, if the goal of prescribing statins is to lower cardiovascular risk, we really must take into account that having diabetes DOUBLES the risk of cardiovascular disease!
Cholesterol is a vital molecule in the body: it is a component of every cell membrane, it is a component of many hormones in the body, it is used in the manufacture of bile acids to digest fat. Without cholesterol, life ceases.
I believe elevated cholesterol should be looked at as just one factor in one's health. We should certainly not be micro-managing cholesterol at the risk of causing other health problems.
... Something to think about!
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