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Gluten Free/Casein Free Suggestions

Wednesday, January 05, 2011
Here is a list of food and stores available in Chicago area:

Fruitful Yield:

White bread:  Udi's original in the freezer  (freeze those you don't need, thaw one and leave it on the counter.)
Pizza: Amy's personal size Rice crust (soy cheese) pizza with Hormal's all natural pepperoni in the freezer
Waffels: A lot in the freezers they are all very good.
Corn Dog: Spatter makes them, we can find it in Chicago, not sure here.
Chicken nuggets:Spatter makes them, so is Ian's gluten free
Bagel:Udi's bagel
Cream Cheese: Better Than Cream Cheese

Cookies: Pamela's raisin "oat"meal
Cereal: Envirokids flakes or balls
Milk: Coconut milk on the shelf by soy milk (its taste and texture is like milk)

Whole Foods:

Hotdogs: Han's originals hotdogs, sometimes you can find little ones next to it.
Ice Cream: So Delicious ice creams made with Coconut milk (just like the real one)
Frozen healthy fries and sweet potato fries

Chili: there is a canned chili that is GF as marked on the label somewhere at Dominick's so maybe it is here too, on the regular shelf.
For school: baked potato chips, rick cakes,
Butter: Smart Balance spread, taste great!
Tater tots---also read labels of ready cut fries, if there is no wheat or dairy or gluten, they should be ok too.
Eating out fast food choice is burger king, hamberger kids meal without bun or cheese, their fries are ok. McD's fries has gluten powders in them.  Wendy's doesn't taste good.
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