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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Allergies, Sensitivities and Associated Asthma, Sinusitis and Ear Infections

Everyone knows someone who has allergies and sensitivities. Statistics shows that almost a quarter of our population in the United States has allergies. It looks like that there are more and more people suffering from this condition. Claritin used to be the number one prescription drug before it became available over the counter. Claritin is an antihistamine agent that blocks IgE allergy response and successfully reduces the symptoms of sneezing, itchy eyes, running nose etc. But what causes allergies? There is no clear answer to the question and certainly Claritin does not treat allergy but reducing its symptoms.

What causes allergies?

It suggests that two major factors cause allergies:

  • Toxins: in the past fifty years, more toxins have shown up either from petroleum or synthetic products. In the meantime, allergy cases have been on the rise. Toxins may be the trigger for the hyperactivity of the immune system
  • Stressed adrenal function: stress is another big factor in our modern lifestyle. It directly damages the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal system and causes the out-of-control of cortisol level. Associated symptoms are sleeping issues, fatigue, low focus, and blood sugar problems. The stressed adrenal function leads to immune sensitivities


In addition to toxin and stress, other factors may also need to be considered:

  • Toxic colon and Candida: we are exposing more and more processed food with additives, antibiotics and other toxic materials. The lining of intestine is damaged by the toxins and pathogens like Candida fungus can easily grow there. The toxic colon is the major internal source of toxins
  • Leaky Gut: it may be the direct reason for someone to develop food allergies. Toxins and pathogens damage the lining of intestines and cause the intestine leaky. Partially digested food molecules leak into the blood and trigger immune response. Toxins also leak back to the body and ware out our detox system
  • Inherited allergy information: allergy information can be inherited from parents. If both parents have allergies, 60% of their children will have allergies


Another important factor for the increase of the allergy cases is vaccination. It is directly related to its promotion of the TH2 response in the body. Normally once the antigen reaches the body. T -cell is being activated and becomes T Helper cell, which has two different signal pathways. One is called T Helper 1 Response (TH1), which is an intracellular response and is good to clean up the pathogen infected cells with natural killer cells, macrophages and cytotoxic T-cells. The other one is called T helper 2 Response (TH2), which is an extracellular response and produces large amount of antibodies such as IgE. These two pathways complement each other. TH1 response to fast and is very efficient to clean up the virus and bacteria infections, while the TH2 response is powerful to destroy parasites and toxins that flowing around the lymphatic system.

The problem we are facing for those who have allergies is that there is large amount of antibodies in their system. It seems that the body prefers TH2 antibody response over TH1 and over-produces antibodies that cross-respond to many substances and even own tissues and cause allergies and autoimmune conditions. In the meantime the TH1 response is weak and under-developed. The body has difficulties to fight for virus and bacteria and the infection can last for a long time. But why the body prefers TH2 over TH1 response?

Vaccination may be the answer. Our immune system is designed with a learning ability, adaptive function. After we are born, the immune system is not fully developed. It needs to engage environmental pathogens and toxins and learn its ability to fight efficiently. Because the pathogens and their toxins are changing frequently, an inherited fixed immune system does not fully protect our body. The learning ability is a big excess to our immune system and the first few years of our life is very important to the learning process, through which the immune system knows the enemies it supposes to fight. However, according to our vaccine schedule, a child receives more than twenty vaccines during the first year of life. Vaccine is designed to trigger antibody production, which may promote TH2 response. It by-passes the normal pathways the pathogens contact the body and may not signal TH1 response. After a few years of the extensive exercise for TH2 response, the body highly prefers to make antibodies when contacting with pathogens, which leads to more allergy and sensitivities and inability to fight for virus and bacteria.


How can I get allergies?

It believes that you can develop allergy to anything on earth if you have a sensitive immune system while you are exposed to a substance for a long period of time. How long is long enough to cause allergy really depends on each individual person. For example, having had apple for ten years may not be enough to develop allergy to apple, but one incident such as having a cold/flu or having an argument with someone while eating a pear may be enough to cause sensitivity to the pear. Thus allergy development is a complicated process that we don’t know much detail about it. Rotation diet is a good way to prevent food allergies. When you are having a cold, try not to take any unrelated supplements. Avoid to expose to the same thing everyday is the key to prevent allergy from happening.


How can I control allergies and change my immune system back to normal?

Where is the allergy information stored? The information is probable stored in the local lymphatic cells and may not be in the DNA form because it can be acquired later in life. Based on the theory of energy medicine, allergy information may be stored in an energy form and can be controlled or erased through energetic techniques. NAET is the original allergy desensitization technique, which is a meridian stimulation therapy while the patient is holding allergen information. There are many variations of this technique. Please read the Immune System Reprogramming for details.


What about asthma, sinusitis and frequent ear infection?

Allergy is one of the major causes for these conditions. The normal pattern for sinus and ear infection is that they always start with the nose and sinus blockage. The drainage duct is blocked by swollen tissue, which results in fluid retention inside the cavity. If the symptoms are not better in a period of time, bacteria may grow and infection follows. The initial inflammation that causes swollen tissue is often caused by allergies, food indigestion and/or virus infections. The use of antibiotics only helps the second part of the problem but has no effect for allergies. Antibiotics are known to disturb the balance of intestinal flora and lead to more toxins in the body. Thus frequent use of antibiotics develops a vicious circle for chronic sinus and ear infection.

Chronic sinus and ear problems can also be a result of misalignment of the cervical vertebrates. Inflammation around cervical spine blocks the lymphatic drainage and triggers sinus and ear blockages.

Almost every person who has asthma, frequent sinus and ear infections, frequent colds/flu shows some intestinal issues. Clinically toxic colon is one of the major causes for these conditions. Toxic colon causes not only high inflammation, leaky gut and allergies, but also weak lymphatic and immune system. Therefore solving the root issue for above conditions has to rely on intestinal therapies. With our IBMT, after stabilizing immune function and controlling inflammation, a long-term Candida/leaky gut therapy is necessary to clean the colon and restore immune function. Meanwhile, a healthy diet is a must. A diet with low sugar, dairy and white flour helped lots of people with chronic sinus issues.

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