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Healing Highly Sensitive Body in Chicago and South Florida

Harry Hong Ph.D. L.Ac

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Individualized Body-Mind Therapy (IBMT) Q&A

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Q. I have been to or taken my child to different doctors who used homeopathy, Chinese herbs, nutritional therapy and allergy desensitization.  How does Dr. Hong’s IBMT differ?

A. Healing needs to be done in stages, the timing and sequence of how and when to use which combination of therapies is vital for healing.  We use a computerized automatic screening test to identify health issues by layer and stressors (emotional stress, inflammation, deficiencies, toxin, etc).  Each layer has to be addressed at different stages using the right combination of therapies. 


Q. What are the stages of treatment?

A. The first stage of therapy is to address the chaos of the communication system in the body, such as polarity switch, abnormal immune responses and corresponding meridian imbalances.  In this stage the body has to be prepared for future detoxification. Symptoms such as mood swing, focus issues, picky eating, hives and anger also needs to be addressed so the child and family can function better.  Second stage is detoxification and addressing Candida, parasite, virus and bacteria. Third stage is regeneration therapy including healing for leaky gut, supporting adrenal and thyroid system.  During each stage, we identify the right combination of therapies for each individual.  No two treatment processes are alike. 


Q. I already use adrenal support to address adrenal fatigue, why do I need to seek the help of IBMT?

A. Dr. Hong believes adrenal fatigue needs to be addressed by the cause, than use adrenal regeneration to help your adrenal system function on its own without life-long supplementation.  After all, the more you supplement, the less the body produces.  It is much easier if we train the body to function better by itself.


Q. My child is already taking supplements for leaky gut, why should he/she need IBMT?

A. Just like the adrenal system, we believe in Leaky-Gut regeneration rather than support.  We provide lifestyle coaching, as well as therapies to help kids mend their leaky-gut and keep it in tact in the long run. 


Q. How unique is your practice?

A. Very.  We understand how sensitive people’s body work like no other.  Sensitive people react to remedies and medications differently compare to other people.  So our therapy is gentle and precise.  That is vital for healing the sensitive people.  All therapies are non-invasive and Children-friendly—no more pain and crying!


Q. Who are the best candidates for the IBMT program?

·                     Kids who did not respond to other therapies such as Chelation

·                     Kids who improved through Chelation but still needs fine-tuning to cross the “normal” line, in terms of socializing abilities and behavior control 

·                     People who keep re-developing allergies after treatments (needs leaky-gut regeneration and Adrenal regeneration)

·                     People with multiple health concerns in different parts of the body & needs to be treated as a whole

·                     Parents with special-needs children.  (Our mood and stress level are often copied by our children, thus making parents getting healthier essential for their recovery.)

Dr. Harry Hong's comprehensive program specializes in the integration of a variety of natural healing therapies such as energy testing, allergy desensitization, homeopathy, Chinese medicine and acupuncture, enzyme therapy, flower essences, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and much more. The Healing Light Co is committed to provide quality special care to the Highly Sensitive Person with Highly Sensitive Body. We are located at Hoffman Estate/Schaumburg area in the northwest suburb of Chicago. We have an Out-of-Town program as well.

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