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What is Miasm?

Monday, June 08, 2009

Miasm is a homeopathic term to describe tendencies and root issues to develop chronic diseases. The word miasm means a cloud or fag in the being. The theory originates in the founding father of homeopathy, Hahnemann’s book The Chronic Diseases which was published in 1828. He believes that when a disease was left to themselves or improper treatment, it would go on to increase, grow worse and torment the patient to the later part of his life. The disease information is stored in the cellular level and can be inherited from early generations or acquired in current life time.


Hahnemann believes that all chronic diseases arise from the three major chronic miasms: Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis. Physical expressions of the miasms can be different, but they all originate from the same root.


Psora is the mother of all chronic diseases goes back the farthest in human history. It includes all skin diseases, most mental illness, allergies, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, most dysfunctional diseases of organs and systems. Chief remedies are sulphur, natrum mur, calc carb, arsen alb, lycopodium phosphorus, mezereum, graphite, causticum, hepar sulph, petroleum, silica, zinc and psorinum etc.


Sycosis and Syphilis, being derived from suppressed Gonorrhea and syphilis, respectively, are responsible for many chronic diseases with infectious nature. Sycosis is held to be responsible for many sexual and urinary disorders, and affections of the joints and the mucous membranes, also those conditions worsened by damp weather and by contact with the sea, and all warty excrescences and growths. Chief remedies are thuja, lycopodium, natrum sulph, causticum, kali sulph, staphysagria, calc and sepia etc.


Syphilis is held to be responsible for many diseases of the nervous system, the blood and skeleton as well as a range of psychological diseases such as alcoholism, depression, suicidal, insanity, loss of smell and taste, blindness, deafness and ulcerations. It also associated with many heart conditions as well. Chief remedies are arsenicum, aurum, mercury, phosphorus and lycopodium nitric acid etc.


During the modern era of homeopathy, it has been claimed that some new miasms have been developed such as Tuberculosis and Cancer. Other factors such as Radiation, Petroleum, Heavy Metal and Virus, are also being proposed to be new miasms.


The miasm theory still faces two main problems. The first is whether it is true and the second is how it is interpreted and dealt with clinically. It is understandable that all chronic diseases have the root issues that associate with the weakness of the body. The miasm theory is probably the energetic model for chronic diseases comparing to the genetics from allopathic system. Based on homeopathic understanding the miasm can not be changed. Therefore, the treatment for chronic diseases should still focus on achieving physiological balance the body. The purpose of using homeopathic miasm remedies is to reduce the miasmatic influence to the body. To address miasm issue of specific diseases, consult a classical homeopathic doctor. It may not be wise to use miasm remedies alone in treating chronic diseases. 

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