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World’s Easiest GF/CF Guide

Friday, June 26, 2009

This was prepared by my wife Angie for the parents of our autistic patients.

Breakfast Ideas


  1. Hash Brown  
  • Potato, regular or organic
  • Cooking oil

Grate the potato using a grater; put potato strips on a paper towel to dry of a bit.  Put into separate packages and freeze them.  When cooking, take out one package and pan-fry with cooking oil.




  1. Van’s GF/CF waffles from with maple syrup or honey (Fruitful Yield)


  1. Perky’O cereal with WestSoy Rice Drink  (Fruitful Yield)


  1. Small amount GF/CF flour mix, water (like making pancakes) and egg and veggie mixed in the blender for a happy omelet. 


  1. Rice cakes with jelly and nut butters


  1. French Toast with GF bread



Lunch Or Dinner Ideas


  1. Peanut Butter & Jelly (low sugar) Sandwich with frozen GF bread or Tapioca Bread (no-need to be frozen).  Best bread would be the frozen ones stored in the frige side.  You can also mix creamy peanut butter with peanut halves and fresh berry slices with jelly.  It is much better!  For bread I like the Kinnikinnick’s Brown Rice Flour bread, Toasted.


  1. S Better GF/CF corn dogs from Fruitful Yield


  1. Amy’s GF/CF pizza plus cut up frozen breakfast sausages, warmed up in the oven or toaster or microwave


  1. Put GF/CF red sauce and chopped up veggies and ground beef with spices in a saucepan and cook on medium for 20 minutes, serve with GF/CF spaghetti.  If person has texture problem then use veggie purees and some protein powder instead of veggie chunks and ground beef.


  1. Organic chicken fried rice:
  • beat up eggs, add salt and cooking wine, cook like omelet except keep stirring the eggs to small pieces
  • pan-fry small chicken chunks until done
  • in the saucepan heat cooking oil for 2 minutes on medium, stir fry small cut-up green onion strips for 20 seconds before mixing rice, cooked chicken and eggs in.  Add salt, then small amount of Organic Tamari wheat free soy sauce (Meijer, Jewel or Dominicks), or La Choy soy sauce (oriental food stores). 


  1. Sweet Rice (also called sticky rice) Flour Crepe:
  • Mix sweet rice flour with egg and water to make crepe-like thin pancakes in a saucepan. 
  • Spread a thick layer of red bean paste (oriental food stores) on the crepe, add halved banana chunks in the middle and roll it up.  Cut up to smaller chunks when serving. 


  1. Costco’s Frozen Salmon Burger Patties on Gluten Free Bread.
  2. GF free macaroni (or Notta Pasta fettaccini) and soy sauce plus warmed up frozen GF/CF breakfast sausages (cut into small chunks)


  1. Notta Pasta fettaccini with Road’s End Organics Alfredo Style Gluten Free Chreese Mix—add some salt, pepper and other favorite spices while making the gravy to make it tastier.


  1. GF free macaroni and Road’s End Organics Cheddar Style Gluten Free Chreese Mix—add some salt, pepper and other favorite spices while making the gravy to make it tastier.


  1. Marinated and broiled steaks, fish, ribs or chicken wings—George Foreman Grill is the best, great flavor, under 10 minutes cooking time and very easy to clean


  1. Hard boiled eggs with some salt sprinkle or even ketchup (Heinz is GF/CF)


  1. Buy gluten free pastas, and cook a lot of red sauce for it and keep frozen for future emergencies.  Even try the pastas with gluten free soy sauces (La Choy and Tamari soy sauces)



Drink Ideas


  1. Mix soy milk with orange juice, end product tastes like yogurt smoothie
  2. Westsoy soy or rice drinks with Ah!Laska chocolate syrup or honey or maple syrup
  3. Fruit smoothies with Westsoy rice or soy milk and organic banana/mango/cantelope/honeydew, strawberry/blueberry, seedless watermelon, organic apple/bartlet/de anjou pears
  4. Kirkman Lab’s DariFree powdered drink, just add water (cold or hot) and mix
  5. Use Splurgee machine and all natural (no sugar or syrup added) to make colorful ice: cranberry juice for red, grape juice for purple and orange juice for yellow ice.



Snack Ideas

  1. Freshly squeezed fruit juice popsicles 
  2. GF/CF crackers with veggie cheese
  3. Deerfield Bakery has GF/CF cookies
  4. Trader Joe’s Flourless cookies



Shopping Ideas

  1. Your local healthfood store usually has dedicated GF isles.  Just make sure it’s free of milk products (milk, butter, cheese) on the label.
  5. Living Without Magazine
  6. Namestee baking mixes are the best, while some of the Red Mill mixes are the worst.
  7. Glutino makes great products, especially their crunchy breadsticks in boxes!
  8. Many online retailers will not charge tax on foods, just delivery charges that add up to be slightly more than the tax and the gas costs


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