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Alleviating the side effects of chemotherapy with Homeopathy

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
First and foremost remedy to be thought in persons suffering with cancer and those preparing for treatment is Gelsemium. The anxiety and nervous anticipation that accompanies the very diagnosis of cancer calls for this remedy. It is helpful in combating the stress and anticipatory anxiety associated with the outcome of chemotherapy/radiation when one decides to go ahead with either of these treatments.

In addition the patient may suffer from frequent loose stools, weakness, trembling and may have chills and headache.

Cadm Sulph: This is an important remedy for the severe nausea and vomiting produced by chemotherapy. The person needing this remedy is extremely chilly and prostrated with persistent vomiting. By virtue of its pathogenesis it produces symptoms corresponding to cancer of stomach and hence useful in stomach cancer and yellow fever.

In carcinoma of stomach when there is cutting and burning pain in the stomach, intense retching that brings out coffee ground vomiting.

Cadm sulph is one of the best antidotes for chemotherapy and radiation when there are symptoms such as great weakness, emaciation, nausea, vomiting, liver damage, hair loss, anorexia etc.

Ipecac: Ipecac comes into action when the main symptoms are persistent nausea and vomiting following chemotherapy. In addition the tongue is very clean and mouth is moist with excessive salivation.

Nux Vom: is a strong contender when it comes to nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy. There is intense nausea with difficult vomiting. Patient may be oversensitive to noise, light, odors, cold air etc. He/she may be irritable, quarrelsome, and impatient.

Sepia: This is an important remedy when it comes to ailments after chemotherapy whether it is the weakness or nausea. The person may present with severe nausea, debility with state of weariness and patient states that she has to literally drag herself around the house to do the chores. She may be extremely indifferent to the family, kids, and husband and has a strong desire to be left alone.

Tabaccum: This remedy is indicated when there is continuous and persistent nausea with least movement bringing about vomiting after chemotherapy. There is a great tendency to vertigo on opening eyes and severe headache. Vigorous peristaltic movements.

Uncaria Tomentosa: Is a powerful cellular rejuvenator, an anti-inflammatory agent and immune system booster that is useful in enhancing immune function, increasing energy and stamina. This is a very good remedy for those mentally, physically and exhausted from extreme stress such as chemotherapy, radiation or extreme stress of being diagnosed with cancer.

Kali Phos: This is the remedy, which brings about extreme prostration, weakness and tiredness similar to those effects produced by chemotherapy. Kali phos brings back from the state of adynamia that has been produced by surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.

Person requiring this remedy may be oversensitive to light, noise and extremely chilly. There may be complete lack of nerve power, mental and physical depression. Ailments from overwork, worry and extended periods of stress. All the Kali group of remedies produces this kind of debility, poor reaction and ailments from stress.

Okoubab aubrevillei: This is indicated in cases in which there has been a history of alimentary intoxication such as gastroenteritis, food poisoning, intoxication from insecticides and effects from chemotherapy. It has been known to improve general state of health. There may be symptoms of exhaustion, weakness, tiredness, anorexia and dizziness.

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Generals - convalescence - ailments during - chemotherapy: cadm-s, kali-p, sep, uncar-tom Generals - weakness - chemotherapy, after: kali-p, sep Stomach - nausea - medicine - after - allopathic - chemotherapy after - okou, sep, tab
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