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How Does Reflexology Work?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

There are lots of theories - the primary being thatreflexology works through the nervous system.


There are a large number of nerve endings in thefeet, hands and ears which are where the 3 reflexology maps of the body arelocated.


When health imbalances occur, such as a stiff neck,blockages of various chemicals accumulate in the neck reflexes of the feet,hands and ears.


The longer there is neck tension, the thicker theblockage becomes. Because nerve impulses flow from the end of one nerve to thebeginning of the next, blockage between nerves will reduce the amount of nerveenergy going through the body. Without enough nerve energy supply in the body,its parts and functions, cannot perform in a healthy manner.


This concept is illustrated by corrosion thataccumulates on the terminal of a car battery. The thicker the corrosion, lesselectrical current flows from the battery to the car. The car runs rough. Forthe car to run smoothly, the corrosion must be cleaned off the batteryterminal, so that the electrical current can flow fully.


So you see, for the neck to feel better, blockagebetween nerve endings in the neck reflexes of the feet, hands and ears must beeliminated, so that the current through the nerves can flow fully to the bodyagain. When full nerve flow is restored, the body can balance itself and isbetter able to heal itself.


Reflexology works for many reasons. Besidesnormalizing nerve supply, beneficial chemicals are released during reflexology.


One most commonly known group of chemicals isendorphins - the body's natural opiates. Endorphins induce a sense of wellbeing and are natural pain reducers.


Stress causes organs and glands to become eitheroveractive of interactive. Reflexology helps to normalize the body's functions,stabilizing under or over active activity.


So some of the reasons people get better by having reflexology sessionsare that the nerve energy supply is improved, there is an increase ofbeneficial chemicals and the body is normalized.

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