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What is "Energy Medicine"

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What is Energy Medicine?


Energy Medicine falls within the domain of CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine): and “Energy Healing / Medicine is a well know concept!  In fact, it is acknowledged throughout indigenous cultures and time as the: Fundamental Life Energy that Permeates All Living Things.”

Until recent years, this fundamental life energy field defied measurement in the scientific sense, however, the ancient concept of healing has long understood that this energy maintains the vital health of the body and that disease results from disruption in the flow of this energy.

Both ancient and modern practitioners of energy medicine seek to aid healing by restoring the balance and flow of this vital energy field in some way.

Jane Fecteau practices several advanced methods of vital energy medicine and continues to intuit and develop further techniques which are reflected in both client sessions and her teaching and mentoring.

Jane Fecteau is an Intuitive and an Energy Healer practicing in Southern Maine.  She is Founder of the New England Institute of Energy Medicine Training – a school of learning where practitioners study the Jane Fecteau Method™ of communication via the “Energy Language” of the body to entice deep healing for themselves and their clients.  All media inquiries should be directed to or


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