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Acupuncture and Meditation: Center Yourself Easily and Naturally!

Thursday, March 25, 2010
The first time I received acupuncture I was amazed at how calming it felt. I have been told by many a patient that they feel more relaxed than ever when on my acupuncture table and when they leave my office.  Part of my desire in becoming an acupuncturist was to transmit this state of calm and ease that I only had experienced after some training in meditation. How wonderful to be able to give this experience to people who don't meditate and maybe never will.

Acupuncture, does however, have great potential for assisting the meditator in his or her practice. By easing pain and discomfort in the body one can automatically find greater ease in a meditative sitting practice. Additionally, acupuncture has specific points that effect the spirit and can calm it and open the corresponding chakras that are important in meditation. I certainly would enjoy helping yogis and meditators to further their path to ultimate healing by using acupuncture.

Please contact me if you or anyone you know is interested in further investigating how acupuncture can help a meditation practice.

Kat Delse, L.Ac. (707) 775-8311
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