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Character and Health: A Santa Rosa, Ca Acupuncturist's Perspective

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

    Deep down we all want to be good people.  In fact, I believe, deep down we are all good people.  Somewhere deep inside we know that when we harm others or are not fully present and well intended with our actions, we not only have a negative effect outwardly, but we harm our sense of self, our view and our feelings about ourselves.  This harm becomes the basis of pain, discomfort and disease.  Such action is not just merely a matter of being nice, but rather true to our conscience. It necessarily includes standing up for ourselves or leaving harmful situations when needed rather than meekly tolerating that which we know is not right. It also means keeping our minds and emotions balanced so that we are not stewing in anger, hatred, or even excess fear, sadness, worry or excitement.

                The therapeutic relationship can be very helpful in changing our character. Firstly, the love and care that we receive from the healthcare practitioner can help us to feel better about ourselves. From them, we accept love and help; we allow our bodies to be shown a new way of existing and feeling.  Studies have shown that people who are feeling good are more likely to act in an altruistic manner.  So we leave the acupuncturist feeling good and perhaps we are more likely to extend that kindness outward onto others. After such action we probably feel even better, seeing the smile on the other person’s face, acknowledging how good we must be to have done such kindness. This positive action is likely to only cause more goodness in our lives and sense of self.  Hopefully we also leave the acupuncturist armed with some knowledge about patterns we need to change.  It becomes clear that holding onto our grudges is only hurting our bodies, so we either choose to let go of our negativity or use it as fuel to act in a way that creates positive change in our lives.

                Character development is not a matter of becoming a “goody two shoes,” it is about living the life we were born to live by acting true to our deepest principles and sense of integrity. It is the basis of genuine confidence and joy in living a divine and purposeful life.

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