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Natural Solutions for Women's Health Issues in Santa Rosa, CA

Friday, December 09, 2011
Have you ever felt discouraged when visiting a gynecologist/obstetrician because your health condition is unexplained and the only solution your doctor can recommend is birth control pills or even worse, surgery? Well fortunately Chinese Medicine, available locally in Santa Rosa and in many areas nationally, offers natural solutions and explanations for many common female issues: problems such as PMS menstrual cramps and other period problems, infertility, and issues of pregnancy and labor/delivery. Acupuncture and Herbal Medicinal Remedies can help bring the body back into alignment naturally and bring forth health on many levels. Rather than ignoring her emotional struggles or the longings of the spirit, addressing and appeasing these parts of her through this medicine are key to curing what troubles women. Because of its solutions and natural, wholistic approach, acupuncture and related Traditional Chinese therapies are becoming popular choices for healing women's issues both alone and as complements to western treatments.

Let's explore some areas where Chinese Medicine shines.

1) Period Problems. These are so common many women have come to accept and expect that they will have painful and difficult monthly cycles or menopausal syndrome, or perhaps the cycle has become so irregular it is not coming monthly or comes even more than that! Acupuncture uses very thin needles to revitalize circulation in the body such that the period can come in a regular and smooth flowing fashion. Changes are often seen in just one or two cycles of treatment

2) Infertility. Any one who has been through the western treatment for infertility knows that it can be both very expensive and very invasive, pumping the body full of hormones and other uncomfortable treatments. Women are often relieved to learn that acupuncture is relatively painless,� inexpensive,� � and in fact brings about relaxation and other positive feelings that allows her to heal naturally and regain fertility as a product of enhanced energy and openness in her body. She first notices more health in her monthly cycle and learns to recognize the signs that she is fertile each month. From there, conception readily follows and acupuncture also helps her to carry the pregnancy to term.

3) Pregnancy. Women are rightly cautious about taking medications and exposing the body to harsh treatments during pregnancy. Fortunately, acupuncture can be safely used to naturally heal many of the common complaints of pregnancy without invading the body with harmful chemicals. From morning sickness to breech positioned fetus, acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can correct imbalances naturally, allowing pregnancy to be an enjoyable bonding time between a mother and her child to be.

For more information about natural women's health solutions in Santa Rosa, CA visit or call Kat Delse Mardirous, L.Ac. at (707) 775-8311.
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