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Yin and Yang in Chinese Medicine and Health, A Santa Rosa Acupuncturist Reports

Thursday, October 29, 2009
Yesterday I gave a simple talk on Yin and Yang in Chinese Medicine. It is amazing how in America we may have heard of Yin and Yang but do not really understand what that means. So here is Yin and Yang 101 or Chinese Medicine for Dummies as the book would affectionately read.

Yin and Yang are basic principles in nature that are opposite and interdependent. They are constantly changing into the other, but must be kept in harmony for health to be maintained. If yin and yang separate or only one is to exist without the other, death occurs. 
The following is a list of yang attributes and its corresponding opposite yin attribute.
  • Light and dark
  • Sun and moon
  • Activity and rest
  • Heaven and Earth
  • Dry and wet
  • Hot and cold
  • Hard and soft
  • Time and space
  • Expansion and Contraction

This list is by no means exhaustive but from this list we can start to form ideas about health if health is a state of balance of yin and yang.
From this position we can examine an individual as to their balance of yin and yang. Are they too active (Yang) or too lazy (Yin), too fat (Yin) or thin (Yang)? Is a diet too wet (yin) or too spicy (yang)? Such simple questions can be the key to small changes in diet and lifestyle that can make a world of difference in someone's health.

Yang diseases are those that come rapidly and change quickly. They bring with them restlessness and insomnia, thirst, constipation, scant dark urine, a red tongue and complexion and a full rapid pulse. On the other hand yin disease tend to come on slowly and remain chronically, they bring weakness and sleepiness, lack of thirst, loose stools and profuse clear urine, the tongue and face will be pale and the pulse will be slow or empty. These are easy ways an acupuncturist will classify and understand your illness. Such information will tell the practitioner which points to use and how to stimulate them to balance your body.

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