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Healing from Trauma

Tuesday, September 15, 2009
Don't Let Painful Past Experiences
Define Your Present… or Your Future!

Are you suffering from hurtful, painful, traumatic experiences? If so, the pain can be compounded by the knowledge that those closest to you have no idea how bad you feel inside. I know how difficult it can be to carry the turmoil and painful memories around all by yourself. But you don't have to go through it alone.

It's time to let someone help you feel better, recapture who you truly are, and move forward in life with a renewed sense of energy, optimism, and self-confidence. I can help by guiding you with some simple techniques to address and heal the hurt inside.

My name is Marti Elvebak, and I am a somatic psychotherapist who incorporates body, mind, and spirit techniques to help my clients heal the painful effects of abuse, trauma, and other life stresses.

Sometimes it's scary to feel your feelings for fear of being flooded with emotions. For fear of losing control. So you keep a lid in place. I can help you control the flow. By working together, I can help you discover your inner resources and resilience so you can relieve and remove the pain in your life. You will never have to feel alone again with the overwhelming emotions caused by your painful memories.

From our first moments together, you and I will develop a professional relationship to help you explore unresolved and painful issues and discover and experience a state of calm, ease, confidence and freedom.

Your beliefs about the world have been influenced by your past experiences. These horrible experiences left you hurt and confused. The beliefs in turn influence the decisions you make in the present, which may lead to limiting or destructive behaviors. We will use mindfulness-based therapy techniques to intentionally elucidate, explore, and modify the core beliefs you've formed in order to provide a more satisfying way of being. We will clear up the confusion.

You will discover places within yourself that have always been strong and were never broken. Through the experience of therapy you can allow yourself to be known and seen as you strive to come into contact with the parts of yourself that are frozen as well as the parts of you that are full of life.

The initial objective of our work together will be to undo your sense of aloneness and help you feel safe. Then we will work towards discovering your potential for transformation and innate predisposition for self-healing. Through practicing conscious awareness of the anxiety and fear that are signals your natural self provides to let you know things are not okay, you can learn to understand what feels right and work towards creating those experiences.

Regardless of the terrible experiences you've suffered — whether you were betrayed by those on whom you depended, physically or sexually abused, or neglected in the most painful ways — I can help you heal the pain. If you are struggling and just pretending things are okay, don't wait one more day. I can help. Please contact me today.
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