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Mindfulness-Based Classes & Instruction in Central PA

Joshua David OBrien, OM

Hummelstown, PA 17036 phone: (717) 877-7664

Previous Presentations on Mindfulness Meditation by Joshua O'Brien, O.M.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Previous Workshops and Presentations


Mindfulness in Plain English: A comprehensive, 16-week course in formal mindfulness meditation practice. Individual instruction only.


Previous Workshops

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation: An eight-week workshop. Unity Church of Enola.


Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation: An eight-week workshop. Dauphin County Library System.


Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation: An eight-week workshop. Dragonfly Healing House.


Mindful Parenting: From “Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting” by Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn. Om Baby Pregnancy and Parenting Center.


“Mindfulness of Eating: Nurturing our bodies, cultivating gratitude, and bringing awareness to our unconscious attitudes towards food”


“Mindfulness of Relationships: How to foster a deeper connection with ourselves, others, and life through visceral experiences and the heart”


On the Science of Mindfulness Meditation

“Neuroplasticity: Training the mind to change the brain”


“Name that Emotion: How mentally labeling our emotions can decrease the response of the amygdala and the severity of our emotional reactivity”


“Physical and Psychological Posture: How they are interrelated and why good psychological posture is good for your health”


On Stress Reduction

“Stress Reduction: The Fight-or-Flight Response of the sympathetic nervous system versus the Relaxation Response of the parasympathetic nervous system”


“Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Reduction: The physical, mental, and emotional components of stress”


“Working with Stress, Pain, and Illness through mindful acceptance, awareness, and meditation”


“Embodying Stillness: Finding peace of mind in the midst of stressful circumstances”


“Are You Breathing?: Why practicing breath awareness is profoundly good for our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing”


On the Psychology of Mindfulness Meditation

“Distinguishing Moods and Emotions: Differentiating our relationship to them in formal mindfulness meditation practice versus daily mindfulness exercises”


“A Mindful Boost of Self-Esteem: How regular practice helps us to identify less with critical and judgmental self-talk”


“Letting Go: Beyond Forgiveness”


“The Power to be Vulnerable: Developing mindfulness of counterproductive social and interpersonal fears”


“A Train of Thought: Mindful awareness of thinking as distinguished from thinking about thinking”


“Mind Your Thoughts and Beliefs: A discussion of the placebo and nocebo effects”


“The Impermanence of all Things: Learning to simply observe thoughts and emotions through formal mindfulness meditation practice”


Traditional Mindfulness Meditation Topics

“The Five-Hindrances:  How to work with the five universal mental factors that prevent the arising of mindfulness”


“Metta, or ‘Loving-Kindness’ Meditation: The development of loving-kindness for ourselves and all living things by retraining the mind with Metta practice”


On the Spirituality of Mindfulness Meditation

“Flow States and the Art of Living: How formal mindfulness meditation practice can help us to get out of our own way”


“Finding Your Own Answers: Cultivating insight and “Aha!” moments through mindfulness meditation and contemplative practices”


“Mindfulness Meditation and Spiritual Growth”


“Turning Daily Ritual into Spiritual Practice”

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