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5 Ways to Add a Few Years to Your Life

Saturday, August 22, 2009
Having a meaningful existence is imperative to longevity and healthy living.  Here are some easy ways to add pep to your step and a few years to your life.  These are simple, easy to accomplish tasks that can add more joy and meaning to your life.  Kind reader, please add to this list by replying to this post and let others know what you do to add joy and fun into your life.

1. Find something or someone to love deeply.  This can be a pet, a project, a child, a someone, a hobby.  Finding something or someone that stimulates your passion for living is a great way to add vitality into your life.

2. Do whatever it takes to get great sleep.  This includes knowing that you are dreaming.  Good deep, restorative sleep requires REM sleep which lets your dream and remember that you have dreamed.  You do not need to remember your dreams, necessarily, but knowing that you dream is essential.  If you aren't able to remember your dreams, then you might be vitamin B6 deficient.  I recommend a supplement of vitamin b6 to help with this.  But try not to take it at night because it can keep you up.

3. Be your own best friend and find the meaning of a deep, rewarding friendship that is eternal.  Be comfortable with who you are, love where you are in life and try to be forgiving for your past mistakes.  Most people will find this very difficult but it is essential to peace and living the soulful life.

4. Forgive someone.  This may be an ex-fill-in-the-blank.  An ex-wife, ex-husband, ex-friend, ex-boss.  Someone who you have been holding a grudge toward and know that the anger, resentment that you harbor really inhibits you from living your life freely and with passion.  Do yourself the favor of letting that someone who you hate go for good.  Remember that forgiveness is not forgiving what they did but perhaps more of the why they might have done the deed.  Their insecurity, their disempowerment etc.  It frees you up to really life your life.

5. Find a creative outlet.  You may not be able to play the piano or paint but you might just be able to appreciate these creative spaces and find your own niche.  Creativity allows you to connect with that part of you who can be inspired and passionate.

Enjoy these recommendations and please let me know of other ways you personally live passionate life.
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