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Your Diet Soda Is Linked to Lymphoma and Leukemia

Saturday, August 22, 2009
Many diabetics and people who are concerned about weight gain drink diet soda in order to keep their svelt figures.  However, it is increasingly a concern about the toxicity of NutraSweet on your body's cells.  We've all heard about formaldehyde and it's uses in embalming the dead.  Well, as it turns out NutraSweet aka Aspartame has increasingly been shown in research to turn into formaldehyde in the cell.  While in the cell, aspartame turns into formaldehyde and embalms the cell while damaging the DNA in the cell.  In further research, the early claims that the aspartame is easily eliminated by the body had been found to be "patently false" scientists finding that the aspartame turned formaldehyde is actually very difficult to eliminate from the body, hence building up in your cells leading to cellular damage.  

In the past few years we have heard more about how aspartame is an excitotoxin to the nervous system leading to headaches and ADD and hyperactive kids and adults.  But now we are learning just how toxic formaldehyde is to the body and how in recent studies there is a definite link between aspartame turned formaldehyde and the individual's risk of brain tumors, lymphoma and leukemia.  My work in environmental medicine and helping people detoxify from their environment has found that we are constantly being exposed to chemicals such as formaldehyde in places such as new furniture and clothing stores.  What none of us need is our body's producing our own internal source of formaldehyde.  

So buyer beware of the diet soda you are so addicted to.  Also, a number of Sugar-free products contain NutraSweet or aspartame including gums and diabetic foods.  Some good natural alternatives are things like Xylitol or maltitol (caution that too much of it during a day will lead to extreme diarrhea...something you only want to experience once in your life).  Stevia is a sweet tasting herb that can be added to drinks to sweeten the flavor.  Ultimately, reducing your own taste for sweet drinks is a huge benefit for your health.  Get used to drinking water or iced tea, plain.  As many of you see, there are many obese people drinking "diet" sodas leading to further cravings for sweets and carbs and leading to weight gain.  Increasing your protein intake during the day will balance your blood sugar and reduce your craving for sweets.  

Ultimately, I know, having helped hundreds of people with changing diets and bad habits that one of the most difficult habits to break is that diet soda habit.  It makes people crazy and very grumpy.  But it must be done for your own lifelong health.  All you parents out there, make sure you don't get your kids started on diet sodas.  It can end up being a life long addiction like cigarettes and smoking, difficult to break!
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