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Nature Creation: The Alternative Pain Relief Solution

Monday, February 01, 2010

Nature Cre­ation is the lead­ing man­u­fac­turer and dis­trib­u­tor of nat­ural hot & cold herbal ther­apy packs in USA. We have two strate­gic dis­tri­b­u­tion cen­ter, Chatsworth, Cal­i­for­nia and Chicago, Illi­nois. Each design of the herbs pack may be filled with 9 essen­tial nat­ural herbs, which include Chamomile, Cin­na­mon, Lemon­grass, Pep­per­mint, Rose­mary, Spearmint, White Wil­low, Yarrow and Yellow-Dock Root. In addi­tion, we added Flax Seeds and Wheat as the heat­ing and cool­ing ele­ments to the pack.

The spe­cially designed pack is par­tic­u­larly shaped to fit com­fort­ably to the pain area. There are three main areas to be cov­ered: The Upper Body, Back/ Abdomen, Joints and Mis­cel­la­neous items.

Upper Body — Shoul­der, Neck and Head.
Our best seller is the shoul­der wrap, which is an U-shape design which will cover the back shoul­der of your body. The fill­ing con­sists of those 9 essen­tial herbs, plus flax seeds, which you may use it as heat­ing or cool­ing pads. You have to pre­pare the prod­uct by putting it into the microwave at the des­ig­nated time or store in the freezer before use. Within min­utes of appli­ca­tion, you will feel the nat­ural inhal­ing herbs absorb by your skin and pen­e­trate deep into your stiff mus­cle tis­sues. You will indulge in the most sooth­ing and relax­ing expe­ri­ence, while the ther­apy will also min­i­mize any mus­cles pain around the area.

The upgrade of the shoul­der wrap is the upper body wrap, which will cover the front, both sides and back of your shoul­der. This prod­uct is also filled with 9 essen­tial nat­ural herbs, plus flax seeds and also can be used as heat­ing or cool­ing pads. The prepa­ra­tion and appli­ca­tion of this prod­uct is iden­ti­cal to the shoul­der wrap, except you get bet­ter cov­er­age through out your shoul­der area.

If you have stiff neck, the neck wrap is the best opin­ion to relief the pain. The design is pretty sim­i­lar to horse-shoe, which will grab the cir­cle of your neck. This prod­uct is also filled with those 9 essen­tial nat­ural herbs, plus flax seeds for the most com­pre­hen­sive treat­ments. You may also com­bine the appli­ca­tion of this neck wrap with the shoul­der wrap or the upper body wrap for the total upper body treatments.

If you like to work in the gar­den or have headache/ fever, Nature Cre­ation is offer­ing the sim­ple to use Cool Strips Ban­danna. This item is filled with non-toxic poly­mers beans, which is very adap­tive to cool appli­ca­tion. Just wet the ban­danna with cold water, squeeze it and be ready to be chilled.

Back/ Abdomen — Back/ Men­strual Pack, Spine Pack and Lum­bar Pack

We under­stand how painful it can be to women espe­cially when their men­strual cycles are hap­pen­ing. That is why the back/ men­strual pack is very handy to solve the pain and suf­fer­ing. The size of the pack is approx­i­mately 15.5? (length) x 5.0? (width) x0.75? (thick­ness) and attached with Vel­cro straps, which can be tai­lored to the appro­pri­ate size of yor appli­ca­tion. The fill­ing con­tains the per­fect ratio of 9 essen­tial nat­ural herbs, plus flax seeds and wheat for the ulti­mate heat­ing and cool­ing ther­apy. In addi­tion, this pack is also use­ful to reduce pain on your lower back, spinal cord, and the upper thigh area.

If you want to get wider and longer pack, the spine pack is the choice. The size is approx­i­mately 16.5? (length) x 8.0? (width) x 0.75? (thick­ness) and attached with Vel­cro straps for adjustable fit­tings. This pack will cover wider area of your spine, stom­ach, upper and lower back. The fill­ing ingre­di­ents con­sist of Chamomile, Cin­na­mon, Lemon grass, Pep­per­mint, Rose­mary, Spearmint, White Wil­low, Yarrow and Yellow-Dock Root. In addi­tion, we added Flax Seeds and Wheat as the heat­ing and cool­ing elements.

If you do not like Vel­cro straps and are look­ing for sim­ple to use pack, the lum­bar pack is prob­a­bly the best choice for you. Lum­bar pack is approx­i­mately 12.0? (length) x 8.0? (width) and 0.75? (thick­ness). This is a ver­sa­tile pad, which you may apply it to almost any parts of your body. The size is per­fect for your back (while seat­ing), stom­ach area, chest, upper back, lower back, and even the back head. The fill­ing is the com­bi­na­tion of Chamomile, Cin­na­mon, Lemon grass, pep­per­mint, spearmint, white wil­low, yarrow and yellow-dock root. In addi­tion, we added flax seeds for the heat­ing element.

Joints — Wrist & Knee

Nature Cre­ation wrist pack is very com­mon to use as Carpal tun­nel syn­drome (CTS) or median neu­ropa­thy at the wrist ther­apy. The heat­ing effects will soft­ness the mus­cle ten­sion and allow the blood to cir­cu­late freely around the nerves. In addi­tion, the fill­ing nat­ural ingre­di­ents will wave the heat­ing effects around the nerves and allow the hand to func­tion normally.

If you have arthri­tis or joint pain on your knee, Nature Cre­ation is ready to help you to ease the suf­fer­ing. This sim­ple to use knee pack is filled with 9 nat­ural herbs, which will pro­vide sooth­ing heat­ing or cool­ing ther­apy on the area. The treat­ment effect is instan­ta­neous and the appli­ca­tion is very sim­ple and effective.

If you have ankle or foot pain, this warm up slip­per is the absolute rem­edy to your suf­fer­ing. The design will wrap your foot up to the ankle-eye and stim­u­late the heat­ing or cool­ing treat­ment to the injured area. In addi­tion, this slip­per is also very com­fort­able to wear and allow you to walk around the house or office dur­ing the treat­ment. The bot­tom pads are attached with rub­ber dot for non-slippery trac­tion dur­ing walk­ing. The inner pads are remov­able and filled with the all 9 essen­tial herbs, which include the chamomile, cin­na­mon, lemon grass, pep­per­mint, rose­mary, spearmint, white wil­low, yarrow and yellow-dock root. Plus, we mixed the flax seeds and wheat as the heat­ing and cool­ing ele­ments. The herbs are purely hand selected to find the fresh­ness and soft­ness par­ti­cles, so it will not inter­rupt the users dur­ing the walk­ing.
In addi­tion, this warm up slip­per is a good com­pan­ion for every­one who are sen­si­tive to cold win­ter and to pro­tect their sen­si­tive foot skin from dry­ing out dur­ing the win­ter months.

Mis­cel­la­neous Items — Laven­der Eye Cover, Herb Pack, Heart Pil­low, Mint Pillow

Every­one may expe­ri­ence tired eyes. The sur­round­ing areas are black­ened and puffy. Nature Cre­ation Laven­der Eye Cover is the ulti­mate solu­tion to sooth your tired eyes and to recharge your sur­round­ing eye mus­cles to be fresh and tighten. Each Nature Cre­ation Laven­der Eye Cover is filled with 100% nat­ural laven­der flow­ers and only can be used as cold appli­ca­tion. Relax and apply this sim­ple to use eye cover, so your beau­ti­ful eyes will be enlighten and fresh every time.

The Nature Cre­ation Herb Pack is the most ver­sa­tile item of all. The size is approx­i­mately 13.0? (length) x 6.0 (width) and 1.5? (thick­ness) and filled with the com­plete 9 essen­tial nat­ural herbs plus flax seeds and wheat. This pack is very use­ful to sooth most part of the body and applic­a­ble as the heat­ing or cool­ing device. It is com­mon to treat fever, minor headache. minor swelling and bruises/ burns.

The ulti­mate gift pil­low in the shape of heart, which pro­vide fresh scent of laven­der flow­ers to sooth allergy and nasal con­ges­tion. This heart pil­low is very lovely to give as birth­day present, Valen­tine, or baby shower events.

Mint Pil­low is the sim­ple alter­na­tive to treat nasal allergy suf­fer­ers. This pil­low is filled with 100% nat­ural pep­per­mint and spearmint and only can be used as cold appli­ca­tion. Just smell the scent of this pil­low and be soothed with the nat­ural aroma of fresh­ness from the mints.

All of Nature Cre­ation prod­ucts carry 1-year crafts­man­ship war­ranty. If within the war­ranty period, you find any defects on the mate­ri­als, man­u­fac­tur­ing designs, includ­ing stitch­ing, please con­tact our cus­tomer ser­vice at 1–888-250-2010 or email us at

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