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Newsworthy: Lumpectomy Instead of Mastectomy

Thursday, October 27, 2011
A friend asked me to do an emergency remote Reiki session for her family member in Kentucky.  Peggy was scheduled to have a mastectomy and we had one day left to squeeze in some healing time.  I worked on her for 30 minutes while she relaxed in her darkened, quiet bedroom.  I focused of course on the right breast where the lump was located and noticed a strong sensation in one of my fingers about half way through.  I pulled the energy out and held a focused, personalized intention for her the whole time.

When we spoke after the session, she said that she saw images of her father and grandmother's faces, and felt comforted since they were very positive influences in her life.  She said she breathed very deeply the entire time, and couldn't recall the last time she did that. She also felt a pain in the breast I was working on which she'd never felt there before.  I explained that it was probably blocked energy coming out and may have been connected to the strong sensation I experienced.  She said at the very least she appreciated the opportunity to lay down in quietness more than I could imagine (she's been surrounded by so many friends and family members who want to take care of her, that it could get a bit frantic and overwhelming).

Without attachment or expectations, we created the possibility of her getting to the hospital and finding out the lump was completely gone, and talked about how amazing that would be.  But if it wasn't, she wouldn't be disappointed, it was just an empowering context to stand in.  She courageously went in for her surgery and was happy and relieved when they decided to do a lumpectomy instead of a mastectomy.  They told her the tissue around the lump was healthy and I just got word she's completely cancer free.
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