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Reiki Helps With Arthritis

Friday, March 12, 2010
A very vibrant, authentic makeup artist came over for a Reiki session to get help with her arthritis.  She needs her right hand to make her living so it's imperative that she finds relief or it's very difficult and painful to work.  Pain killers can help, but she prefers not to use them, plus they don't address the energetic imbalance or the cause of the pain < this is what I help people get to the bottom of.  We talked about some of the possible emotional and mental issues that could be contributing to her condition and she was ready and willing to have Reiki work for her, which is key to healing her.

During the session (about an hour) I noticed that there was a very powerful surge of energy releasing from her right elbow.  My hand felt magnetically attached, as if it was fusing with her elbow. I pulled the energy block through my arm and had it exit my elbow.  When the regular session was finished, there was still more work to do on that area (not uncommon) so I continued to break up the blocks and disperse the energy, sending it far away from her.  It shifted its location slightly and reduced its intensity. At one point, when just a little pain remained, it sounded like she was relieved but still willing to tolerate a low level of pain.

That just didn't work for me and here's why:

1. We humans just love to suffer sometimes even if it's a little bit.  It's like we're willing to have our life be good, but not that good.  In the end, it really doesn't work to hang onto even a tiny bit of pain, does it?  We talked about that and she realized that her payoff for suffering was feeling self-pity (she actually realized this as we were talking). 

2. The other reason it doesn't work is because I know that this painful energy stuck in her arm can actually be fully removed and I couldn't let her leave with even a little bit of that pain. 

Her willingness to see that she was indulging in self-pity was pivotal in her ability to be healed. I continued to work on her, doing some very special work and removed the energy until it was completely gone, all the while getting her feedback on changed in its shape, pain level and feel.  She said she was very pleased, and of course I am too.  It's a wonderful thing to be able to help someone to that extent.  It's amazing to me that something this effective and powerful isn't more popular.  Now that's not to knock drugs and surgery, by all means they have their place.  I just know that there would be a lot less of these if everyone started with Reiki energy healing.  Can you imagine if people flipped their thinking and used western medicine as a last resort?  Is would sure make a dent in healthcare costs!
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