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The Work of Healing

Thursday, February 12, 2009
When a person has a health situation, whether large or small, many things have to be taken into consideration.  The current state of the body, the emotional state- for example, did you know that if you've been crying alot your potassium is lowered?  That can lead to cramps and slight disorientation, so there is indeed wisdom in the cup of tea with sugar, broth, or the glass of orange juice. 

Aside from the presenting issues and recent history, the past must be looked at as well.  Old illnesses, injuries, and family history.  Family history can include quite a bit more than whether Uncle Harry had high blood pressure.  What was the emotional climate, and what were the things no one talked about but were known nonetheless?  Very often, as we know, physical symptoms can be precipitated by old, old emotional situations and relationships. This is an area where flower essences can be very helpful.

While the flowers do not make anything happen, they do show what is going on with great clarity.  People can take essences and have exacerbations of symptoms; I have had clients have their respiratory function worsen slightly, or have rashes appear.  These symptoms go away within a few hours, but what they show is very important for future healing.  An essence can indicate what the "charge" behind something is, what the emotional trigger is, what basic bodily energy is coming into play.  Respiratory issues have often to do with grief, skin and digestive issues have connection to how we feel in the world- safe, or not?  This awareness can be helpful in diagnosis and treatment; it can give an individual a better way to explain to their physician what is going on with them, as well as a better understanding of how to help themselves heal.  The flowers themselves can help, too, in supporting a sense of emotional security as well as a stronger sense of self through understanding.  My feeling is generally that supporting my clients in feeling safe and loved is a major baseline for their healing work with themselves.  Plant medicine is especially suited to providing this kind of support and help.

It is extremely important to get all the professional support needed when a health condition arises.  One reason my practice can be called complementary is that, used in conjunction with allopathic medicine as needed, outcomes can be greatly improved. Chronic conditions can sometimes be mitigated by an awareness of their psychological and emotional sources.  The flower essences are a powerful tool to use in the work of healing.
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