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: The Alexander Technique and Back Pain

Friday, June 11, 2010

           When facing back issues and physical discomfort, many of us look at the tools and furniture we use, the chairs we sit on, the mattresses we sleep on, and replace them with better ones, which support us more efficiently.  This type of external support is definitely helpful.  The question is:  Can we support ourselves with our own body as well?  Standing, for example, requires the right action of thousands of nerve fibers, and hundred of thousands of muscles fibers.  This is done with the help of our brain, coordinating the pressure, tension, and more, during  the action.  Is there a way we can make it easier on our nervous system to coordinate actions like standing, sitting, bending, typing, playing the piano, or walking?  Aside from the external support – can we reduce the stress on our back by our own internal powers?  We are equipped with muscles which are sometimes called anti-gravity muscles, since they support us while taking us in the opposite direction of gravity.  The deep layer of the muscles along our spine are designed in such a way that they can alternately contract and relax, so that one set can rest while the other one is working, preventing us from muscular fatigue.  How can we take advantage of our beautiful physical design, and maximize the benefits of our natural structure? 

                With the Alexander Technique we develop the skill to take the time to coordinate ourselves, reduce the unnecessary pressure, balance our weight, and ease up in our daily life activities.  To learn more – Join Shula Sendowski’s introductory workshop:  June 26th between 3:00 – 6:00 pm in the “In The Mudra” Yoga and Dance studio, 21835 Sherman Way, Canoga Park 91303.  Cost is $40 if you pre-register or $50 at the door.  Phone 818-340-YOGA (9642) studio, or 818-620-0132 mobile.  To receive additional information e mail 

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