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What is QRA? (Quantum Reflex Analysis)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Quantum Reflex Analysis is a unique, highly effective system of testing the bio-energetic status of the body’s key organs and glands using a university-proven muscle testing technique of medically accepted reflex points. During a QRA session, the practitioner will test key points on the surface of your body to determine their status. This work acknowledges that the body knows what is right for itself and what food sources will bring balance, strength and well being.

Why is QRA an important tool and how can QRA help me?
It can locate the body’s weaknesses and, along with the nutritional formulas, systematically clear and rebuild the body’s integrity. During a QRA session, the practitioner tests key acupressure points on the surface of the body and pinpoints problem areas to determine the precise nutrients and the exact amounts needed to rapidly restore the ideal cellular resonance for that area, i.e., the kidneys, liver, stomach, heart, gallbladder, adrenals.

QRA can be used for mini programs to address a single chief complaint, or to test the full body for numerous or systemic issues.  The results provide a comprehensive program for individuals wishing to attain optimum health.  The key to restoring health, once the weak links have been identified, is restoring cellular resonance.  In illness, the resonant frequency of the body’s cells badly decays.  The cell is a crystalline matrix, which means it has an ideal resonant frequency.  Only nutrients from once living sources can restore (and sustain) the ideal resonant frequency of your body’s cells.  Thus, your program will consist of quantum state nutritional products, guaranteed free of toxic tag-alongs or hard-to-digest, non-nutritive substances, and all from once living sources; crucial for restoring the body to ideal health.

What is an Interference Field also known as an IF?
IF stands for “interference field”. An IF is an area of the body where there has been previous trauma such as an old scar, a whiplash from a car accident, a severe blow to an area, a puncture wound, a tattoo, a vaccination site, to name a few. Even though these traumas may be very old, are no longer painful and are medically healed, they can still act like a powerful short-circuit of the body’s natural energy flow to a specific organ or gland, thus creating many problems – often un-resolvable even with many types of treatment. It can inhibit proper nutrient delivery to the sites most needed.

Do you have hidden Interference Field’s?
Interference Fields are extremely common and are routinely missed on standard practitioner evaluations.  Often, the root cause of many problems is due to hidden interference fields. Now QRA can quickly identify if you have interference fields and how to eliminate them. Some common interference fields include: a C-section scar, an episiotomy scar, vaccination sites, trauma sites from accidents, ankle sprains, toe fungus, a decaying tooth, whiplash, head traumas, forceps delivery of an infant etc.

Eliminating Interference Fields.
For the first time in history, QRA delivers an easy, self-administered method to permanently eliminate interference fields and the cascade of problems they cause. Once your active interference fields are eliminated, a thimble full of nutritional supplements can now deliver what a wheelbarrow full previously could not. Once the “short circuits” in your biofield (the interference fields) have been erased through QRA, the body can return to its ideal cellular resonance and most ideal health.

In addition,
The QRA practitioner can teach you a simple one-second toxicity test that you can use over and over to determine if products that you are currently using contain any toxic residue. This allows you to know what is most ideal without relying on the information of others. You can test nutritional supplements, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, hair and body care products, etc. and even the quality of food you buy. Virtually, you can test everything to determine what is in your over-all best interest for your health.

If you struggle with a health issue, QRA is an excellent tool for rapid recovery. Call us today for a free consultation.

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