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Exercise Won't Make You Lose Weight?!

Sunday, April 04, 2010
I recently came across an article in Time magazine 'Why Exercise Won't make You Thin'. I've already believed this myself but being that this is a widespread notion, no one wants to accept otherwise. But there is documentary evidence to support the fact that exercise does not make you shed the pounds. A life change in diet/way you eat is what will mainly do so.

A Louisiana state researcher stated that exercise for weight loss is useless. Although it will burn calories, people tend to get hungrier and eat more after an exercise session. They consume more calories to compensate for the amount they have burned off.

Also, it was found in studies that those who did a gym exercise would move less afterwards. Why is this? Well, looking back at history there was no gym. Simply put, we as humans are not meant to expend calories and not wanting to replenish what we've lost.

 Lifting weights as the gladiators did was to GAIN mass, not lose it. People were active, they did manual labor, yoga, etc. When you go to the gym, you do a rigorous workout and have burned so much energy that you will feel lethargic and hungry afterwards.
Exercise does have the benefits of reducing the chances of certain diseases and aids in keeping the internal organs functioning well by allowing things to move as it should.

I myself do not have a gym membership, never have gone to the gym, yet I maintain a size 4 dress. I also credit my metabolism for helping me to have any food that I'd like. But metabolism and diet go hand in hand. I eat right, exercise to be toned and fit, and am active in various ways which do not require a gym membership. Certain foods/drink will aid in helping your metabolism to function right.
Foods such as green tea which is great in antioxidants and affects the thyroid which controls the metabolic rate. Also, foods which are known in Asia's ayurvedic practice to bring the 'heat'. But, you can google ayurveda to find out more about this. Also, focusing on keeping the intestinal functions moving right is key.

Eating foods such as mangoes will naturally aid in proper digestion and flow. The human body is meant to move, so just keep it moving however makes you comfortable and happy to do it while focusing on your food intake- and you will see the gradual shedding of weight.
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