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Recovery tips for stroke patients

Sunday, January 04, 2009
Stroke is one of the leading health issue for Americans in today's society. Poor eating habits and lifestyle choices leads to a stroke. Congenital predispositions of a disease or condition is also a contributor but not a direct cause. 

Stroke is the nation’s #3 killer in US and leading cause of paralysis or speech loss. More than 700,000 Americans have a new or recurrent stroke each yr and more than 150,000 die.

What exactly is a stroke? A stroke occurs when a blood clot blocks an artery supplying blood to the brain, starving the blood cells of oxygen. 

For those who have already had the awful experience of having a stroke, you have choices to speed up your recovery. These are suggested complementary therapies that can be done alongside what your primary physician is already doing for you:

  • Acupuncture has been known to enhance a speedier recovery in the body
  • Hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy which increases the oxygen level in the blood and facilitates brain cell and recovery time. I must admit that it would be a little difficult to find a center that has one of these machines
  • Body and facial reflexology or accupressure, helps to stimulate certain body organs and in getting movement back into the regions that the stroke may have affected
  • Not changing the behavior that led up to the stroke will certainly ensure it happening again. Seeking out an Ayurvedic nutritionist's advice is recommended so that you can get on the road to a faster recovery and healthier life.
  • Have a positive mental outlook on and focus your intention on your healing. Look at the glass as half full that you have made it past the stroke, and have lived. Celebrate that fact and take steps to ensure it not happening again.

Prevention is the best method to avoid even getting such a debilitating and life threatening condition. Stop smoking!!  Eat more balanced, nutritious, live foods.

Exercise-- You do not need to do exhausting workouts or even go to a gym to get exercise. Exercise is any movement that will get that heartrate up. Breaking a sweat is most beneficial for weight management, but is not necessary for overall health. 
A body in motion stays in motion.

Your HDL levels which are a key component for keeping that bad cholesterol down, will increase levels with exercise and proper dietary intake. Niacin, which are found in green leafy veggies and chicken and fish will aid in keeping HDL levels up and LDL levels down.
The best preventative measure is to have a sunny disposition and happy outlook on life, even when we are going through adversity. The key is to know that you are passing THROUGH adversity, not living in it for a lifetime.

As the ancients use to say "know thyself"...knowing who you are and where your happiness lies will ensure that you will WANT to live your best life and will do anything to preserve your life and longevity. 

If you are a recovering stroke patient and would like to experience what alternative medicine can do for you,please feel free to read more about my reflexology service by clicking here


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