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Sciatica..see ya later!

Friday, March 23, 2012
Nothing is quite as rewarding as having a client contact you 3 months after a session to let you know that not only is their stubborn sciatica GONE, but has not returned.  Generally I see clients 3 times in a 21 day period.  This particular client was in the massage school, helping me out by letting me practice on him.  Since I'd never performed massage in my 9 years of bodywork practice, it's safe to say I was nervous.  At the end of the massage he mentioned something about how good the work felt on his gluts and said he's had sciatica for a long time.  Even though I know that Deep Sciatica Bowenwork is done only after a full Bowenwork set-up, how could I let this man leave without trying it?  I performed the work (3 touches) and had him rest for 20 minutes.  I graduated from school and moved on.  He'd given me his business card to contact him after graduation.  In letting him know about my new clinic recently, he informed me that he'd be looking into Bowenwork and definitely be back to see me, as his sciatica was gone from the moment I "touched it" and has not returned.  No guts, no glory.  I generally do not to "moves" out of standard protocol but every now and then something will present itself to you and I think you have to listen and respond.  My experience with Bowenwork and sciatica after seeing some 100 clients with that Bowen WORKS! Â
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