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Las Vegas 12 – Week Metabolic Healing Plan With Trudy Ekstrom, Ph.D.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009
12 – Week Metabolic Healing Plan

This Metabolism plan is based on the Schwarzbein Principle, a whole nutrition, whole body, life-changing program to heal a damaged metabolism, which has been made popular by Diana Schwarzbein, MD, noted endocrinologist and author.

Trudy Ekstrom, Ph.D.
is a certified Schwarzbein Referral Practitioner.

Your metabolism may be damaged if you have spent years dieting to lose weight, consumed large amounts of alcohol, tobacco, sugary foods, processed foods, caffeine, prescription drugs, have a stressful life, or have continually abused your body with too much high-intensity aerobic exercise.

After a thorough evaluation, Trudy will counsel you based on your individual needs. Over twelve weeks, you will learn to change life style habits, manage your stress, get quality sleep, remove harmful chemicals from your body, and be assessed for hormone balance.

During the 12 weeks you can expect to have a total of 4 visits with Trudy Ekstrom, Ph.D. a qualified Schwarzbein Principle Referral Nutritionist.

These visits include the 1 hour initial evaluation, 3 follow up trouble-shooting sessions. All visits must be scheduled and completed within a 3 month period. This is to ensure that you receive the highest quality care and best results possible from this intensive program.

If you are interested in more information about the Metabolic Healing Plan, call (702) 363-9260.

The 12 Week Metabolic Healing Plan includes these 5 steps:

The Five Steps to Optimal Health

Healthy Nutrition
Stress Management
Tapering off or avoiding toxic chemicals
Cross training exercise program
Hormone replacement therapy

1. What your transition to optimal health will be like will depend on your metabolic condition and age when you begin using the five steps.

2. If you have excess body fat you will begin to lose it after you have healed your metabolism

3. You first need to heal your metabolism before you can achieve your ideal body composition.

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