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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Last weekend, my husband got a cold. He is liable to catch colds twice a year, often in the beginning of spring and winter. In the last few weeks, he has been overtimes at his day job and also his mom’s store. He worked 14 hours a day without rest.

Due to his tightly schedules, he could not get good sleep. I noticed that he was exhausted already but he could not rest during the day. I prayed he would not catch a cold but finally he did. 

Our private doctor is my dad, so I called him and told him, “My husband had a cold again.”

He always said, “Again…”

About Me.

When I was growing up in South Korea, I took herbal medicine for from my dad twice a year. I think he makes the formula depends on my condition and symptoms. But I am sure it based on boosting energy, tonifying, harmonizing and balancing Yin and Yang.

It supposed me to healthier than my husband even though he is tall, good muscle tone, good diet, and generally healthier men. 

Thanks Dad!

My father suggested Tea therapy with acupuncture treatment. Tea therapies are prevents cold or during catch a cold, it can help from cold. 

If you have frequently cough, your qi is ascending, producing fever during cold, Wu Wei Zi (???,Schisandrae, ???) Tea may help to reducing cough. 

If you feel to low energy/qi deficiency, you can use Sheng Mai San (???, Generate the Pulse Powder, ???); it made from Wu Wei Zi (???,Schisandrae,???), Ren Shen (??, Ginseng Rx, ??) , and Mai Men Dong (???, Ophiopogonis Rx, ???).  

When you drink cold water too fast, it creates dampness on the stomach and produces phlegm; these are the reason for developing cold symptoms.  By drinking Sheng Jiang (??, Zingberis Rx, ??) tea, it has warm and spicy characters so it expels phlegm, warm the body and provide energy.
The orange peel tea, we called Chen Pi (
??, Citri Pericarpium, ??), it promote to circulates Lung Qi, descend the Lung energy.  

When the Gan Cao (??, Glycyrrhizae Rx, ??) and Da Zao (??, Jujubae Fr, ??) boil together, it helps to reduce phlegm in the nose, reduce inflammation, sinus drainage, also can opens the orifice.

If you have a lot of phlegm, you put together with pear, honey and Jie Geng (??, Platycodi Rx, ??) and make tea.  Jie Geng helps to expel phlegm, pear is reducing hear in the Lung, and honey promote health by harmonizing herbs.


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