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DEPRESSION: Clearing the Emotional Pattern

Friday, January 01, 2010


Text by Deborah Lynne Carlton

Excerpt from Carolyn Mein’s book indented.



One aspect of Depression could be explained as a backlog of suppressed anger and emotion, especially concentrated in the liver. Depression suppresses the immune system along with other physical functions such as digestion, hormone balance and sleep, etc. People with depression may express chronic fatigue, pain and auto-immune diseases as well as a loss of hope and excitement for life. 


Depression, Despair, Hopelessness and Grief disturb the thyroid function, where, coincidentally, unspoken feelings are often held.


People utilizing depression meds have shared that it seems to “suppress” the emotions so that they can “function,” however they feel unable to access emotions or release them, thus existing in a sort of emotional void with anger backing up inside. This may create a tendency to manipulate episodes of anger or rage, so to vent off some of these emotions, however true relief is rarely experienced from this venting, or from crying.


Therapeutic grade essential oils are able to access emotions stored in the body as well as those emotional centers of the brain including the DNA imprinting.


Caroline Mein’s book, “Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils,” is an excellent resource for those interested in taking a proactive role in their personal emotional freedom. Following is tool for working with issues around Depression.


The opposite of Depression is “Alive”

The “Way Out” Affirmation is “I am glad I am alive.”

Utilizing the blend called “Peace & Calming” on the DEPRESSION alarm point.


  1. Identify and FEEL the emotion DEPRESSION.
  2. Deeply inhale the blend “PEACE & CALMING” taking it into all of your cells.
  3. Feel the OTHER SIDE of the emotion (Alive)
  4. Apply 1 drop of PEACE & CALMING to the DEPRESSION Alarm Point (behind ear along temporal bone), plus top of head, forehead and base of cranium.
  5. Focus on the statement, “I am glad I am alive.
  6. If desired, say the statement until something shifts and you feel it.
  7. Repeat this process as often as useful. If feelings of Lack or Scarcity is deeply rooted, that may be 7 times a day for 3 weeks, if that is what it takes to clear the emotion from your life.


The Blend of Peace & Calming promotes deep relaxation and a sense of peace and emotional well-being, helping to ease tensions and uplift spirits. When massaged on the bottom of feet (2-3 drops) it can be a wonderful prelude to a peaceful night’s sleep. May calm overactive and hard-to manage children. Reduces depression, anxiety, stress and insomnia. Essential Oil Desk Reference, 3rd Edition


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